Toxic Traits That People Are Actually Proud Of

In a recent survey, 56% of people reported that they have at least one toxic trait that they think makes them wonderful as a person. While this might be hard to believe, it’s worth noting the top ten most common traits that people are proud to have. You may recognize some of them in yourself, even if you don’t consider them positive characteristics. If you do have any of these bad traits and want to know how to change them, check out this helpful guide on how to stop being toxic and adopt healthier habits instead.

1) Arrogance

Arrogance is one of those toxic traits that people are proud of. They think it shows they’re confident and have a strong personality, but really they’re just being stubborn and insensitive. Arrogance is the reason why some people can’t admit when they’re wrong or take responsibility for their mistakes. It’s also why some people don’t learn from other people’s experiences and keep doing the same thing over and over again until it blows up in their face. These are all the reasons arrogance sucks, so if you feel like you need more reasons to stop being an arrogant jerk, just think about these!

2) Impulsiveness

I know that impulsiveness can be a toxic trait, but I’m proud of it. I often find myself jumping head first into things without thinking about what the consequences are going to be. This impulsiveness has caused me some trouble in the past and I don’t recommend it for everyone. However, there’s something liberating about not thinking too hard and just doing whatever you feel like. It’s also really cool when you have an idea and then go out to execute on it right away. It can lead to some really cool experiences that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

3) Selfishness

People are often very willing to share their toxic traits, even if they’re not proud of them. Selfishness is one of these traits. Most people have a hard time understanding why someone would be proud of being selfish, but it’s a common trait that many people carry with them. There are plenty of reasons that this happens and there can be negative consequences for those who do it, but there may also be positive benefits too.
One reason that some people might be proud to admit being selfish is because they think it’s an admirable quality. They like the idea of thinking about themselves first and think that this means that they’re successful in life or get things done because they know what they want and go for it without caring about anyone else.

4) Being Manipulative

One toxic trait that people are proud of is being manipulative. One may take pride in being manipulative because it is seen as a way to get what they want. In their mind, the ends justify the means and if they have to manipulate someone to get something then so be it. This type of person will manipulate others by playing off their emotions or convincing them that they should be doing what they say. They will make promises and never follow through, or say things that are not true just to get what they want. These types of manipulators put themselves first and don’t really care about anyone else’s feelings unless it benefits them in some way.

5) Having a Bad Temper

While a bad temper can be a toxic trait, it’s not always the worst one. A bad temper is often a sign of passion, which means you’re likely to be very invested in what you do. This can make it easier for you to work hard and put in long hours to get something done, but it also means you may hold grudges or let your emotions get the better of you at times. You may also be someone who’s not afraid to speak their mind about what they think is right or wrong, which can be good for helping others see things from your perspective. If this sounds like something that fits with how you are as an individual, then maybe having a bad temper isn’t so bad after all!

6) Being Controlling

People who share their toxic traits might be proud of being controlling. Being controlling means you have a need to control the people in your life, and often those people will comply with your needs out of fear or guilt. It can also come from a desire to not show vulnerability because you’re afraid of being judged. Control is often used as a form of manipulation, and it can also be used to seek praise from others. Controllers are very difficult to deal with because they lack empathy for the other person’s needs.

7) Being Judgmental

Judgmentalism is a toxic trait that many people are proud to have. Judgmentalism can be good when you are trying to make the world a better place, but too often, it will just cause more problems. The judgmental person has no consideration for other people’s feelings and can’t see their own faults in the matter. There is nothing worse than having someone come up to you and tell you that they think you are wrong or doing something wrong without even bothering to ask how you feel about it first. Judgmentalism is terrible because people who do this will never listen to what anyone else has to say, so your opinion doesn’t even matter.

8) Being Aggressive

Aggressive people get what they want. This trait can be desirable in certain situations, such as when you are trying to make a sale at work or when you need to protect your loved ones from danger. However, aggression is not always a good thing; it can be toxic if you are aggressive with your friends and family members or if you use this trait to bully other people who do not deserve it.

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