Summer Getaways in the USA: Places to Visit in June

To plan the perfect travel itinerary, it’s important to consider not only what you want to see, but also what time of year you’re going to be traveling. Traveling in June opens up your options, as the weather won’t be an issue and prices are more affordable than during peak seasons like summer and winter. If you’re looking for the best June travel destinations in the United States, check out this list of our top five destinations from this month!

1) Niagara Falls

Located along Lake Ontario’s Niagara River, about 140 miles (225 kilometers) southeast of Buffalo and 210 miles (340 kilometers) north of New York City, Niagara Falls are a favorite tourist destination. From June through August, when lake water levels are at their highest, some 2 million people visit annually. After visiting the falls—which are jointly shared by Canada and New York state—it is common to cross into Canada via ferry or tour bus to view additional sights and attractions there. The trip from Buffalo International Airport to Niagara Falls takes 1 hour 30 minutes by car (2 hours by public transportation). The city is filled with countless museums and galleries, alongside outdoor dining opportunities galore. It’s worth taking time to discover both on foot, while also stopping off at quaint shops and stores along Water Street. For an added treat, visit next door to Canada’s Niagara Falls too – you’ll find incredible sights that make each destination worthwhile alone but are even better together! Take some time out at either spot and make your way back into Canada afterward via Queenston-Lewiston Bridge; whether or not you’d prefer to cross by car, it’s certainly a sight worth taking in!

2) Las Vegas, Nevada

As the largest city in Nevada, it comes as no surprise that Las Vegas is one of those quintessential places to see in the US. With summer being a busy travel season, millions will be flocking to Sin City from across America and abroad. There are plenty of reasons to visit Las Vegas during June—take your pick from blockbuster deals at some of your favorite casinos, and concerts by world-renowned performers. To help make planning your trip easier, here are some tips on how to reach Las Vegas: if you’re flying into McCarran International Airport (LAS), keep in mind that flights from San Francisco (SFO) arrive early morning and depart late evening; same goes for flights from Los Angeles (LAX). If you want to spend more time exploring Vegas before or after seeing all of its glitzy attractions, consider renting a car. It’s about two hours away from LAX and about three hours away from SFO via I-15 South toward Barstow/Victorville, CA then continuing on I-40 East towards Las Vegas.

3) Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is widely regarded as one of the best places to visit in America. Here you’ll find unparalleled educational institutions and world-class attractions such as Fenway Park, Chinatown, and Harvard University. If culture is your thing, you’ll enjoy visiting The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art or enjoying a nice concert at Boston Symphony Hall. Whatever your tastes, there’s no shortage of places to see in Boston. And if history is more your speed, don’t miss out on tours of historic sites like Faneuil Hall or Old North Church. Whether you want to sightsee or just relax on the beach, Boston has something for everyone. This is a great place to start if you want to learn more about some amazing places to see in Boston!

4) Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a great destination, particularly during spring and summer. Orlando has Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, and plenty of other theme parks that make it an exciting vacation spot. But there’s more to Orlando than just theme parks. From shows at Dr. Phillips Center to baseball games at Bright House Field, Orlando offers activities for all ages and interests during June. It’s also a good time to visit since there are fewer tourists visiting Orlando compared to the peak months of January through August. There are several hotels with free shuttles to Disney World and Universal Studios as well as affordable flights from major airports around the country. If you want to be close to some of Orlando’s best attractions but don’t want to stay right on property, try staying at one of these hotels: Hotel Vyvant (which is less than 10 minutes away from both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios), Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort (just five minutes away from Walt Disney World), or Hampton Inn & Suites Lake Buena Vista – Downtown Area (just three miles away from Walt Disney World). All three offer shuttle services to nearby attractions.

5) Honolulu, Hawaii

With beautiful beaches and places to visit, Honolulu is one of Hawaii’s most popular tourist destinations. From sightseeing to surfing, Hawaii has something for everyone. You’ll have a hard time getting bored here – if you do, just go snorkeling or go whale watching. Your kids will love it too; there are plenty of family-friendly activities on Oahu. There’s even a marine reserve where kids can explore tide pools, spot crabs and fish, and learn about coral reefs at Sea Life Park Hawaii. If you’re thinking about going somewhere with your family but don’t want to break your budget, Honolulu should be high on your list. It’s affordable, fun, and full of things to see and do. Plus, it’s easy to get around—you can rent a car or take public transportation. Best of all? It doesn’t matter what season you visit—Hawaii is beautiful year round!

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