Professionalism with a Twist: How to Rock Fashionable Office Wear

Fashion and professionalism don’t always have to be seen as opposites. At the office, it’s important to look neat and put together, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style entirely. With these tips on how to rock fashionable office wear, you can look polished while remaining true to your sense of style!

When in doubt, go classic

If you’re new to dressing for work, it’s generally easier (and safer) to start with classic styling. This way, if your boss or coworkers don’t like what you’re wearing, they can usually tell you why—and often help you in choosing other clothes that will work better. Instead of showing up at work one day in white leather pants and sky-high heels, try simple pieces like a pencil skirt in neutral colors and appropriate hosiery. Classic office styles are always in style because they look professional, but also timeless and easy to wear.
A great pair of shoes is essential: A good pair of shoes is an investment piece that looks good on everyone. Whether you prefer a classic pump or something more trendy, find a pair that fits well and works with most outfits; then make sure you take care of them so they last as long as possible.

Tips for women

There are plenty of rules for professional dressing. For women, too much cleavage is out, as is wearing anything that reveals too much leg or arm. If you’re stylish and want to get away with breaking those rules, make sure that your accessories are modest. Go for a pair of sleek heels over stilettos, and wear a blazer or cardigan over fitted dresses so they don’t look too sexy. It’s also important to keep jewelry minimal—save glitzy baubles for evenings out instead. You can opt for summer dresses that you can team with heels, leather leggings, and crossbody bags.

Tips for men

Throw on an open-collar shirt and team it with a blazer, or wear it tucked into your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Team these pieces together with oxfords or lace-ups for a sleek look that exudes an air of professionalism. Men have more leeway when it comes to fashion in the office. While suits are always appropriate, some guys prefer a less formal look. Make sure your pants fit well (no baggy knees) and you know how to match up shirts and ties—there should be no odd-looking gaps between the shirt collar, tie the knot, and suit lapel. And lastly, remember to keep your shoes polished and shined! You’ll always look professional when you’re well put together.

Accessories to boost your style

At an office, you generally need to stick to more professional attire. That said, some accessories can help you add your style. A simple scarf is a great addition that adds color and flair and pairs well with most office looks. If you’re dressing for colder months or want something weightier, look for scarves that are made of a material such as wool or cashmere. For women, a pendant necklace or pair of earrings also works well to dress up your work wardrobe. For men, adding cufflinks is another great way to be stylish without being too flashy.

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