6 Epic Details From Wakanda Forever You Can’t Miss

After watching Marvel’s Black Panther many times over, I noticed six details from the movie that are too epic to pass up, whether you’ve seen the movie many times or not at all yet. I’ll be focusing on details in scenes that you can watch again and again and catch something new every time. In no particular order, here are Wakanda Forever’s 6 details you must watch when re-watching Black Panther.

Shuri mentions the panther goddess Bast at the film’s very start.

The film begins with the phrase, Bast, time is running out. As Shuri is trying to reproduce the heart-shaped herb, Shuri, a woman of science, tells Bast she will never question his existence again if she allows her to heal her sick brother, T’Challa.

When Erik Larsen was penning Marvel’s Black Panther, Bast was, again, instrumental in making major story decisions, this time selecting the first Black Panther, Bashenga, for inclusion in the first issue, who gets referenced again in Wakanda Forever. Bashenga is one of the eight figures seen in the House of Ideas tapestry seen in Avengers Tower in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Throughout the film, Shuri tries to build a synthetic heart-shaped herb.

As a result of its power, the herb becomes a focus of the sequel. Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) ordered the garden of the heart-shaped herb destroyed so that no one else could claim the crown after him in 2018’s “Black Panther.” Bringing T’Challa back from the brink of death was accomplished with a last natural herb.

In fact, Shuri already had a version ready. Her homemade heart-shaped herb, inedible and electric, shocked T’Challa into consciousness. It also made it clear that she was not only smart but a willing to be an independent woman while following her own dream — no matter what Ayo (Florence Kasumba) or Okoye (Danai Gurira) have to say about it. In addition, at one point in her lab she casually held two floating nanoparticles together with magnets and blew up a canister just for fun — which is impressive even when considering how cool explosions look in films like these.

“Wakanda Forever” takes place around 2024.

T’Challa returns in Avengers: Endgame from the events in Wakanda Forever in 2023. The movie moves forward a year after his death in Wakanda Forever. You are mistaken in thinking that T’Challa died shortly after he returned in 2023; that would put it at 2024.

Furthermore, in the Wakanda Forever song, Nakia says that she left Wakanda after the events of Infinity War (in which T’Challa first disappears). It has been six years since Nakia left Wakanda, according to Ramonda. this is an indication of whether or not Nakia left Wakanda right after the events of the film or if she waited for a few moments before exiting. That math would place the movie at least as late as 2024. Also, in Wakanda Forever, Shuri says that it’s been a year since T’Challa disappeared. Infinity War takes place in 2018 and we know from Avengers: Endgame that he reappears around 2024 so at least one year has passed between his disappearance and his return. That would put Wakanda Forever at about 2024.

T’Challa’s ceremonial spear and shield were laid next to his coffin.

Alongside the shield and ceremonial spear the leader wielded during ceremonial battles, there lies a Panther-themed coffin.

Marvel fans will note that Wakanda Forever also contains a surprise tribute to a fallen character: Bucky Barnes, aka White Wolf (played by Sebastian Stan in Black Panther). At one point, T’Challa takes his ceremonial spear and shield from beside his coffin and hands them to Okoye. She walks away with them over her shoulder—and those props are none other than T’Challa’s fighting equipment from Black Panther! That sneaky detail may go unnoticed by some moviegoers, but it’s one not to miss for die-hard Marvel fans.

The film uses the Chadwick Boseman Marvel logo sequence that was created after his death.

After every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, there’s a post-credits sequence that showcases the franchise’s marquee characters. For Black Panther actor and MCU veteran Boseman, there was a special credits sequence created for him in November 2020. The very first usage of this sequence is attached to Black Panther on Disney+.

The sequence uses a special Marvel logo sequence created after his death, as well as scenes from some of his most famous scenes that honor him as a performer. Many of these are taken from Captain America: Civil War, where Boseman’s character T’Challa was introduced to audiences for their first time. In one clip, he is shown arguing with Tony Stark about how best to handle a threat from Hydra; in another, he is seen running across Wakanda’s vast plains and battling Black Panther rival Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis). Fans might also recognize several other pieces of dialogue between Boseman and Anthony Mackie’s Steve Rogers.

Riri Williams goes to college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where Tony Stark studied.

Riri went to the same college as Tony Stark because they both created their respective superhero identities, Iron Man and Ironheart, while they were both studying there.

However, Riri’s story is unique in other ways. For example, she’s not just a superhero who attends college; she’s also an amateur engineer and a STEM prodigy. In fact, her whole life has been about math and science; for instance, Riri created her first functional Iron Man suit in her bedroom at home when she was 15 years old. She even got to show off some of her skills as Ironheart when Tony Stark asked her to help with his own prototype battlesuit!

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