Roomates Who Prove That Some People Actually Have Zero Respect For Others

Some people think they can get away with anything when they move into someone else’s house or apartment, but the following roomates have proven that not only can you not get away with anything, you should feel lucky that you haven’t been sued yet! Check out these roomates who have zero respect for their new roommates.

1) The roommate who doesn’t believe in personal space

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to live in our own homes. But until we make that happen, not everyone is going to be as considerate of one another as they should be. Here are people who prove that some people actually have zero respect for others when it comes to living with them.
A roommate who leaves garbage on the kitchen counter and doesn’t clean up after themselves A roommate who never cleans the sink or dishes and only washes their dishes at the last minute A roommate who has a pet but won’t take care of it and lets its fur get all over your clothes

2) The roommate who is always borrowing things without asking

This person is the worst. They have zero respect for other people’s things, even if they know where the item is! They’ll borrow anything from a vacuum cleaner to a pair of sunglasses and then never bother to return them. The thing that gets me the most about this roommate is that they have this air of arrogance about them. It’s like they think that because everything belongs to them, it’s no big deal if they take stuff from other people. What are you thinking when you don’t ask someone before taking something? What kind of rude, inconsiderate person would do something like that? If you’re going to steal something, at least be clever enough to not get caught. You should also give back what you took as soon as possible so the owner doesn’t realize what happened. The roomie who steals food: There are always food crumbs on their clothes and they always seem hungry when I see them in the kitchen at night. I can’t tell if they’re hungry or just a thief with zero respect for anyone else’s property.

3) The roommate who is always playing music loudly

I’m not sure who this roommate is or what their deal is, but I’m guessing that they have zero respect for people who have to live with them. The entire apartment is a mess and I can’t sleep because of the constant drumming coming from their room. If you’re reading this blog post, please put on some headphones before playing music in your bedroom. We don’t want to hear it! I know someone whose room smells like weed all day long. Why? Because they only use their door as an entrance-exit. Never mind the fact that our lungs are getting ruined by second-hand smoke 24/7, it’s really rude to make us smell like stoners when we don’t even smoke cigarettes (which we still can’t escape).
Maybe this person doesn’t think about other people at all; if anything, they should worry about being evicted from the place one day if everyone else has had enough and takes action to kick them out because of how bad their behavior is impacting us all.

4) The roommate who is a neat freak

This roommate is the type of person who puts everything back in its place and will not hesitate to point out how dusty you are. They always have a permanent layer of grime on them, but they won’t let you borrow their clothes unless you return them cleaner than when they lent them to you. This is the type of person who has a hard time staying calm and can’t stand when things are out of place or dirty. There’s nothing worse than being around this person when your room isn’t clean enough for their standards.

5) The roommate who never does their fair share of chores

Roommates who prove that some people actually have zero respect for others. The roommate who never does their fair share of chores. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the same person who, when they’re not at work and their parents aren’t at the house, has a dish in the sink and it’s been there for days. They don’t clean up after themselves, they don’t do their fair share of chores – and then they get mad when other people are slacking off! It’s so messed up. But it doesn’t stop here: sometimes these roommates steal your food, make all the decisions without ever consulting you, or just ignore everything until one day they wake up and say sorry. If I had zero respect for myself, I would take this as an opportunity to dump these lazy people from my life.

6) The roommate who is always having parties

Lets be honest, when you live with other people, there is bound to be some sort of disagreement. I’ll just say that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many roommates clash like these guys do over the course of this one show. Let’s start with the roommate who is ALWAYS having parties and inviting non-residents over without considering anyone else. This guy is the worst by far! What really got me was when he started telling the other roommates how they should run their household because they’re not doing a good job. It was at this point that I knew he had zero respect for others.

7) The roommate who is always stealing food

It’s a well-known fact that everyone eats. There are even scientific studies that suggest that people who skip breakfast actually feel more hungry and want to eat more throughout the day. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, it’s a constant struggle to not give in to your cravings when they strike. But when you live with roommates, it can be difficult to prevent their junk food binges from running rampant across the kitchen.
In an apartment or house full of people who don’t know each other well (or at all), there can be zero respect for other peoples’ food habits and preferences. If someone is always eating your favorite foods without asking, it’s time for some tough love: show them the door with this polite but stern note attached

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