Reasons Christina Haack Dishes on Her Secret, Low-Key Courthouse Wedding to Joshua Hall

Christina Haack and Joshua Hall have been married since October 2019, but they kept their nuptials incredibly low-key. Now, Christina is sharing the reasons why they chose to keep their courthouse wedding a secret. Here are reasons Christina Haack dishes on her secret, ‘low-key’ courthouse wedding to Joshua Hall.

She had originally wanted a big wedding

Christina Haack and Joshua Hall made the decision to keep their courthouse wedding low-key when they tied the knot in June of 2020. In a recent interview with People magazine, Haack shared her reasons for wanting a small and private ceremony with her now-husband Joshua Hall.
For starters, Haack mentioned that she had originally wanted a big wedding with all of her friends and family in attendance. However, due to the pandemic, the couple decided that it was best to keep the wedding small. Despite not being able to have a large gathering, Haack said that the decision to keep the courthouse wedding low-key felt so much more special than a traditional, lavish ceremony.
Haack also noted that a courthouse wedding allowed them to focus on the actual meaning behind their marriage and not get too caught up in the details or tradition.

The day was all about them

Christina and Joshua had their hearts set on a courthouse wedding, and the day was all about them. On the day of their wedding, the couple went to the courthouse in Los Angeles where they were surrounded by only their parents, siblings and closest friends. As Christina recalled, It was low-key, just us, so it was really special. Although it was a quiet affair, Christina said that her groom, Joshua Hall, was still very romantic throughout the day. He even wore a suit for their courthouse wedding. Even though it was a small event, there were still plenty of touching moments that made the day special for the newlyweds.

They saved a ton of money

When Christina Haack and Joshua Hall tied the knot in a surprise, low-key courthouse wedding, one of the main benefits was the cost savings. Forgoing a large, expensive wedding venue allowed them to keep costs down and put their money towards other things. Joshua Hall noted that the lack of a pricey venue also forced [them] to keep the guest list short. The duo’s frugality paid off and they were able to put their savings towards honeymooning in Hawaii and starting their life together on the right foot.

It was stress-free

Getting married is a momentous occasion, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. Christina Haack and Joshua Hall had a stress-free courthouse wedding, and they both agree that this was one of the reasons why they decided to go that route.
The decision to have a courthouse wedding was inspired by their desire to make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. The pair chose not to have any major planning involved, which meant they could focus more on the ceremony itself.
Joshua Hall and Christina Haack wanted to keep their wedding very intimate and special, and the courthouse provided them with the perfect setting. They were able to have a beautiful and meaningful ceremony without having to worry about guests or decorations.

Courthouse Wedding

For Christina and Joshua, having a courthouse wedding meant that they could exchange their vows in an intimate and private setting, surrounded only by those closest to them. This added an extra layer of sentimentality to the day, making it something truly special for them both.
Overall, the couple feels that their courthouse wedding was the perfect way to kick off their marriage and make it official. They were able to celebrate their commitment to each other with minimal fuss, making it a memorable and low-key event that they both cherish.

It was intimate and special

Christina Haack and Joshua Hall had a secret courthouse wedding that was both intimate and special. For the two of them, it was just the perfect way to say I do. They shared their nuptials with only a few close family members, making the experience all the more memorable for them. Haack has said that the courthouse wedding was special for her and Hall because it made them feel like they had their own private ceremony. The couple was able to spend quality time with their loved ones and exchange vows in an environment where they felt comfortable and safe. It was the perfect setting for their special day.

She got to wear her dream dress

Christina Haack and Joshua Hall’s courthouse wedding may have been low-key, but that didn’t mean it lacked style. After all, Christina still got to wear the dress of her dreams. She told Us Weekly, I wore a beautiful two-piece set with a sheer wrap over it and a sheer wrap around the skirt. The top was beaded and had long sleeves. It was gorgeous! It was certainly a unique choice for a courthouse wedding, but that only added to the specialness of the day for the couple. They held hands as they walked out of the courthouse, wearing matching rings on their left hands, while Joshua wore a classic navy suit. All in all, it was the perfect combination of classy and casual that Christina had always imagined her special day would be like.

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