Popular TV Shows That Have Been Renewed for 2022-2023


Are you a fan of TV shows and curious to know which ones will be returning in the 2022-2023 season? Look no further! We have compiled a list of popular TV shows that have been renewed for the upcoming season. From crime dramas to comedies, these renewed TV shows are sure to keep you entertained for the foreseeable future. Keep reading to find out which shows made the list!

1) The Crown

One of the most talked-about and critically-acclaimed TV shows of the past few years, The Crown, will be returning for a sixth and final season in 2022-2023. Created by Peter Morgan and produced by Netflix, the show follows the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II as she navigates through various political and personal struggles. It stars Olivia Colman, Imelda Staunton, and Tobias Menzies, among many others. The Crown has won countless awards and been renewed for a sixth season, ensuring that fans can enjoy the rest of the story of Queen Elizabeth II for years to come. With the renewal for 2022-2023, fans can expect the sixth and final season of The Crown to be just as thrilling and well-crafted as the previous seasons.

2) Stranger Things

It is never easy to hear that one of your favorite TV shows has been canceled. But fear not! There is some good news coming in 2022-23, as several beloved shows have been renewed for another season. One of these shows is the science fiction horror show Stranger Things, which will be returning for a fourth season in 2022-23.
Stranger Things has become a huge hit since it first premiered on Netflix in 2016, and with its renewal for a fourth season, it looks like the show isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The show follows the lives of a group of kids living in Hawkins, Indiana, as they battle supernatural forces while trying to uncover the mysteries behind their small town. The show is full of suspense, adventure, and thrilling moments that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.
With its renewed season, fans of Stranger Things can look forward to more intense plot lines, unexpected twists and turns, and unforgettable characters. After three exciting seasons of the show, it looks like fans will be able to enjoy the show for at least one more. So get ready for more mind-bending action, sci-fi thrills, and mysterious creatures when Stranger Things returns in 2022-23!

3) Game of Thrones

With the year 2022-2023 just around the corner, many TV fans are looking forward to seeing which shows will be renewed or canceled. Among the most popular shows of all time, Game of Thrones is one that stands out from the rest. After 8 seasons and an immensely popular ending, HBO has decided to renew the show for another season in 2022-2023. Fans of the series can now breathe a sigh of relief, as they get to experience more of the magical world that George R.R. Martin created.
The new season will bring with it more of the same beloved characters and plot lines that made Game of Thrones so popular. However, there will also be some exciting new elements added to the mix. Showrunners have promised that the story will move forward and take viewers to new and unexpected places. Additionally, a spin-off series is currently in development, giving fans even more to look forward to.
With Game of Thrones being one of the most popular TV shows ever, its renewal for 2022-2023 is sure to excite fans across the globe. From its captivating plot lines to its incredible cast of characters, Game of Thrones is sure to keep viewers entertained for years to come. So mark your calendars, because 2022-2023 will bring yet another season of this beloved fantasy epic.

4) Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies is one of the most popular TV shows that has been renewed for 2022-2023. The show follows the lives of five women living in Monterey, California as they navigate family life and their dark secrets. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz are starring in the show. Season three premiered in 2020 and received critical acclaim for its thrilling plot and performances from its all-star cast. Fans of the show can expect more drama and suspense as the show continues into its fourth season in 2022.

5) The Handmaid’s Tale

One of the most anticipated TV shows of 2022-2023 is the return of The Handmaid’s Tale. This Emmy and Golden Globe winning show follows the story of June, a woman in a totalitarian society who is forced to live as a handmaid in order to bear children for a powerful couple.
In this season, we will see June lead a revolution against the oppressive regime while also learning more about her past. Along the way, she will be joined by other characters such as Ofglen, Serena Joy, and Commander Waterford.
The renewal of The Handmaid’s Tale for another season is a testament to the show’s lasting popularity. It has captured the attention of viewers around the world and has been lauded for its complex and thought-provoking storylines.
We can’t wait to see what surprises The Handmaid’s Tale has in store for us in 2022-2023!

6) Westworld

Westworld has been one of the most highly-anticipated TV shows since its debut in 2016. After a brief hiatus, it was recently announced that the sci-fi drama will be renewed for a fourth season in 2022-2023.
The show follows a diverse cast of characters, both human and robotic, in a world where technology and artificial intelligence are intertwined with humanity. Viewers follow the storylines of characters like Dolores, Maeve, and Bernard as they explore the complexities of life and death, morality, and what it means to be human.
Westworld is no stranger to success and has won numerous awards, including a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects. It’s also received rave reviews from critics, which means fans of the show can look forward to more thrilling storylines, dynamic characters, and stunning visuals when the fourth season airs.
Whether you’re a fan of Westworld or just curious about the show, make sure to tune in when it returns to TV screens in 2022-2023!

7) Veep

Veep is one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved TV shows on air right now. After eight seasons of sharp political satire, Veep has been renewed for a ninth and final season set to premiere in 2022-2023. The series stars Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus as former vice president Selina Meyer and follows her rise and fall in Washington, D.C. politics.
Fans of Veep have already begun counting down the days until the series finale airs, which will be bittersweet given how much they’ve enjoyed watching the show. The upcoming season will be sure to tie up any loose ends and give fans a satisfying conclusion to their favorite show.
Despite the show ending, fans can take solace in knowing that the show’s legacy will live on for years to come, as Veep has become an iconic piece of television. With its razor-sharp writing and top-notch performances, it has established itself as one of the most beloved TV shows of all time.

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