Up Your Style game with these Incredible Accessories on Sale Now at Maurices

Have you always wanted to look more like the women on Instagram? Well, the secret might not be in your closet after all—it could just be in your accessories. To help you look your best and feel confident while doing it, we rounded up seven accessories that will take your everyday outfit from drab to fab! Take a look at our Maurices sale right now and get these trendy accessories before they sell out! At prices this low, you’ll want to grab them all!

1) Jewelry  

Jewelry is an important part of every girl’s wardrobe and their pieces are sure to be winners. The pretty pieces we have on sale look gorgeous when you pair them with casual clothing or put together your favorite party outfit.

Earrings: An easy way to jazz up any outfit is with earrings. At Maurices, Pick up two pairs and show them off through spring and summer. Wear them during your downtime as well—these earrings add subtle elegance that looks great with any casual outfit you put together!

Bracelet: If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your look, you can’t go wrong with bracelets! The best part about them is that they look great paired with any other accessory—and even stand alone if necessary!

Necklace: A necklace is a beautiful way to enhance your style and can be worn to both formal and casual events. Our selection of necklaces includes pieces in gold, silver, beads, and more. Accessorize your look today! Their selection of necklaces is full of gorgeous pieces in various colors, styles, and prices. From thin gold chains to statement-making chokers and pendants, you are sure to find a piece that suits your tastes. You can even match your jewelry to your outfit by choosing a necklace in a color or style that blends seamlessly with your top and bottom options!

Hair Accessories

When you’re shopping for accessories to give your outfit an extra flair, hair accessories are one of the best ways to do it. Everyone needs a few belts and scarves in their closet but there’s a reason hair accessories are often called the finishing touch. They really can make or break an outfit, which is why adding a cute bow to your hair or throwing on some flashy dangly earrings will help anyone look fabulous! We have plenty of accessories to choose from at Maurices, so be sure to check out our current sale items when you stop by! You don’t want to miss out.
Thee next time you’re shopping for new clothes, consider adding a few accessories to your order. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make any outfit look amazing and if you shop at Maurices, all of our accessories are incredibly affordable. You can buy several and still save a lot of money compared to department stores so there’s no reason not to stock up!

Beauty and Fragrance

Face mask- Up your style by adding a face mask to any look. The right accessories can really dress up an outfit, whether it’s a Halloween costume or just a casual weekend ensemble. While you might not use them every day, face masks are an important part of creating multiple looks for every season and occasion.

Eye mask- If you love getting a full night’s sleep but have trouble sleeping through everything from traffic to dripping faucets, an eye mask can help by creating a dark, quiet space for you to doze off. Try picking one up from Maurices today!

One thing to consider when shopping for an eye mask is your preferred material: Are you a down and feathers type of person, or do you prefer synthetic fibers?

Fragrance – Every woman should have a signature scent. If you don’t, it might be time to invest in one. This can help you get out of your comfort zone and encourage you to try new things. For instance, if you typically wear floral perfumes but all your friends are wearing musky ones, it’s time to take a step outside your comfort zone! A little spritz of fragrance will go a long way toward enhancing your style. Check out Maurices today for these great deals!

Shoes We’re Obsessed With

There are so many reasons to love a good pair of shoes. Not only do they look great and make us feel good, but they can also seriously amp up our outfit. We’re not kidding when we say they can be an accessory; it’s true! If you’re looking for an easy way to really push your style forward, give your favorite pair of shoes a shot. That’s right—we said it: Shoes are an accessory that makes a huge difference in almost any outfit.
All you need is a well-chosen pair of shoes and you’re good to go! Need some ideas? Check out their accessories sale now at Maurices for all of your shoe needs. From pumps and sandals to heels and boots, we’ve got ‘em! You can even find great deals in women’s clearance, men’s clearance, and kids’ clearance too. The sale has so many options for every style that it can be a little hard to choose just one pair—we get it. Check them all out here.

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