The Brightest Christmas Lights in the Capitol

A Christmas event in Washington, DC, during the winter holiday season is not complete without seeing the National Christmas Tree on display and decorated with thousands of twinkling lights. If you’re in the nation’s capital at the right time during December, you can also enjoy other festive festivals like Winter Wonderland and the National Christmas Parade. Check out this article to learn more about all of these fun Christmas events!

The National Christmas Tree

Christmas is a time for family, friends and fun. Spending it with others provides a sense of enjoyment and camaraderie that cannot be replicated any other time of year. The National Christmas Tree is one of the most popular attractions during this festive season, offering an array of fun activities for people to enjoy from December 2-January 7. These include: viewing Santa Claus daily at 5pm, ice skating on a rink decked out with holiday décor, finding your perfect tree to take home and watching as snow falls on top of the tree each day. With all this going on, memories are bound to be made!

Everyone has memories of getting their first set of wheels. For some, it meant freedom from parental supervision and an ability to explore areas on their own. Others remember struggling with a manual transmission as they tried to understand how it worked, or riding with one arm out of an open window because a broken door handle prevented it from closing properly. Regardless of when you received your license, you probably have great memories associated with that momentous day. The same can be said for some other milestones like getting your first job, graduating school or tying up your shoes for the first time.


Light pollution has become an increasing problem for many cities, but few have found a solution as elegant and low-key as that of WashingtonD.C.’s ZooLights. The event, which is hosted each November through January, consists of more than two million lights being strung up all over the National Zoo’s grounds. Though it might not be visible from everywhere in the city, it’s still worth making your way to this chill alternative to big-city light shows.

If you want to see something with a little less hustle and bustle on the weekends, then make sure to visit one of these chilly events: Chillicothe Black Friday Blowout, Bloomington Winter Market Holiday Bazaar, Chill Out at the Beach Nights.

Garden of Lights

Washington D.C.’s Garden of Lights is a wonderland, especially at night! Located on the grounds of the Washington Monument, this light show is only open from dusk until 10:00pm. This year they have some new additions to their attractions, including an interactive dog show and a winter wonderland ice skating rink!
-Dog Show- The new dog show features dogs playing with toys and standing on balance beams. It’s designed to be like a canine version of Cirque du Soleil, but it’s not too distracting or difficult to watch even if you’re not into dogs!
-Winter Wonderland Ice Rink- If you want to do something a little more active while visiting our nation’s capital, try ice skating at Garden of Lights. You’ll get to skate around on a rink made of artificial snow while admiring the surrounding twinkling lights. Plus, there are plenty of benches set up so that you can rest your feet for awhile before going back out for another lap!

Fantasy in Lights

After a long day of work, I can’t wait to come home and see my front yard lit up with twinkling lights. The house is just a short walk away from them, and as I approach, there’s already music playing. It’s not something that you can always hear when you’re walking around in town. That’s because it only plays for about an hour at night, seven days a week. After listening to the song for a few minutes and admiring the lights from afar, I walk up the path and onto my front porch. I am overcome with joy whenever I see it. It makes me feel happy, no matter my mood. I grab my keys and unlock the door before making my way inside. When I step into the kitchen, there are two new packages on the table next to a letter addressed to me: one is from Santa Clause, who must have been by while I was gone today; and another is from someone named Maxine, who also wishes Merry Christmas!

After setting down my purse and hanging up my coat, I open both packages carefully so as not to rip any wrapping paper (although ripping it does sound like fun!). Santa Clause has sent some more peppermint bark candy; these things really do last forever. He’s also sent an extra bag full of chocolate coins – they should last me until New Year’s Day!

Winter Festival of Lights

This is a post about the Winter Festival of Lights. The festival is designed to light up, decorate and illuminate Washington, D.C., as we celebrate and prepare for the holiday season. This year’s theme is Forged from Fire, which will be represented through an intricate array of more than 400 illuminated luminaries and pieces of art that represent DC’s iconic landmarks, symbols and neighborhoods.
There are so many things to see during this event that I don’t know where to start! Let me just tell you what the experience has been like for me so far. In 2009, when it first came out, I was 10 years old and my mom took me to see it on her day off. We walked around all day looking at all of the lights and enjoying ourselves in general. When it got dark out, they turned on all of the lights and they were absolutely stunning – nothing compares! It was one of my favorite days with my mom ever!

Night Open Tour Bus with Christmas Lights

Experience Washington, DC like never before with a Night Open Tour Bus that includes a drive to see the brightest, most colorful holiday lights display in the nation. Start off your tour at Union Station and ride along K Street, where you will be able to see elaborate light displays from various embassies. Continue on to 16th street, where you can take pictures of the tree at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens. You’ll also see spectacular displays of lights from historic buildings such as Georgetown University’s Lauinger Library and Tivoli Theatre. Finally, visit Ford’s Theatre for a light show that is sure to bring out your inner child!

Traditional Black Cab Tour of London’s Christmas Lights

If you’ve been to London during the month of December, then you’re probably familiar with a traditional British tradition: hanging Christmas lights everywhere. The streets are lit up and there’s a twinkle in everybody’s eye. Ever wondered where you can see some of the brightest and mostspectacular displays of lights? We’ve got you covered! Here are five spots that will make your visit to London during this festive season just that little bit brighter.
Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square is famous for its giant Christmas tree, which is adorned with fairy lights and baubles for all to enjoy. You’ll also be able to find an ice rink here, as well as Father Christmas’s grotto from 12 December until 2 January. Oxford Street Oxford Street has more than 10 miles worth of decorations on display every year, and they go all the way up to Regent Street. So expect glittering snowflakes, shimmering stars and more.
Covent Garden Covent Garden market is transformed into a winter wonderland every year, with stalls selling Christmas goods and treats like mulled wine or gingerbread cookies. There’s also entertainment on offer including carol singers and street performers.

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