Incredible Venice Restaurants You Need to Try

If you’re spending your vacation in the gorgeous city of Venice, chances are that you’ll want to eat some incredible food there! The cuisine in Venice is known for being fresh and delicious, and there’s no shortage of restaurants that serve dishes worthy of any travel bucket list. Here are eleven restaurants in Venice that every visitor to the city should try at least once!

1) Ristorante Antiche Carampane

We recommend that you book a table at Ristorante Antiche Carampane, which serves delicious Italian cuisine in a lavish atmosphere. Located on the eastern bank of the Grand Canal, the restaurant is set up like an ancient Venetian villa with gilded furniture and paintings from local artists. The restaurant also provides private dining with some of the best views in town. What’s more, Ristorante Antiche Carampane offers discounts for booking early and vouchers for many tour operators!

2) Osteria al portego

This is a luxurious restaurant with an affordable price. When you walk in, the decor and ambiance is beautiful and elegant. They offer a seafood pasta dish that is absolutely delectable and one of my favorites on their menu. The service is impeccable, food tastes great and it’s just the right size for a date night or girls night out. They also have discounts if you’re looking for a good deal! And they take voucher deals which makes this even more affordable. The location is perfect because it’s only two blocks from St Marks Square so after dinner, you can wander around and do some shopping in the little boutiques near by without having to worry about finding transportation back home (not walking distance).

3) Trattoria da GiGio

One of the most iconic restaurants in the world, Da GiGio is a must-visit. The restaurant was founded by Gigi Moneti in 1947 and has remained popular for their delicious cuisine and lavish decor. Located on Rio Terà della Mandola, this restaurant is perfect for lovers of seafood as they offer a variety of dishes with shrimp, clam, scallops and octopus.
Besides their exquisite food, the interior design is worth experiencing in person. Featuring elaborate chandeliers and murals throughout, this restaurant embodies all that makes Italy so spectacular. If you’re looking for an unforgettable meal in one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, this place should be your number one choice!

4) Da Ivo

This rustic, family-owned restaurant in the heart of the city is the perfect place for a romantic meal with your sweetheart. Da Ivo is situated on a charming piazza, and offers modern dishes with an Italian twist like lobster ravioli and risotto alla Milanese. If you’re in search of some deliciously fresh seafood, then this restaurant is perfect for you! They offer many fresh catches from Italy’s picturesque seaside towns that are grilled to perfection. And don’t forget about dessert! Da Ivo’s homemade cannoli is something not to be missed. It may seem like everything on the menu sounds good, but trust us—you’ll want to save room for it all.

5) Antica Mola

This restaurant is located on the Grand Canal and offers traditional Venetian cuisine. The food was not only authentic, but also delicious. We had the seafood risotto and it tasted like it was right out of a fisherman’s net. I could tell that they use fresh ingredients because the taste was well balanced. On top of that, they have a fantastic wine selection and they pour generously! If you are looking for a place for dinner, this should be at the top of your list. The Antica Mola, Via Ferro 1369 – 30124 Venezia Italy
If you are looking for a place for dinner, this should be at the top of your list. The Antica Mola is situated on the Grand Canal in front of Santa Maria della Salute Church and has been around since 1576. They offer an elegant dining experience with regional dishes inspired by ancient recipes from different regions throughout Italy as well as its neighboring countries such as Croatia or Slovenia.

6) Osteria Enoteca San Marco

One of the most iconic restaurants in the city, this is a foodie’s paradise. The menu changes daily, but always features fresh fish and local produce. The wine list is extensive and offers great selections by the glass and bottle. They also offer a five-course tasting menu with an optional wine pairing for guests who want to experience all of their wines in one sitting. There are two more floors in the restaurant so it can accommodate large parties comfortably. If you’re looking for lighter fare, there is a second floor that has pastas and salads available. And if you want pizza? The first floor has those too!
The view of the canal outside will make your visit complete. Whether you’re celebrating or just stopping in after work, this place has something for everyone. It’s not hard to see why San Marco consistently tops lists as one of Venice’s best restaurants!

7) Bottega Del Vino

In the heart of Venice, this restaurant is a perfect spot for couples looking for a romantic date night. A reservation is recommended and you will want to plan on spending some time here as they offer an extensive wine list and authentic Italian dishes that are made from fresh ingredients. The pasta is handmade every day and you can’t beat the views of Saint Mark’s Square when you’re sitting at your table.
This restaurant has been awarded one Michelin star and it is open every day except Monday. Reservations are advised but if you don’t get a reservation, be sure to stop by the bar for a glass of wine or beer and take in the gorgeous scenery before heading out.

8) Ristorante Alle Testiere

This restaurant is a Michelin-starred favorite, and for good reason. The food is exquisite, with an emphasis on seafood. Alle Testiere is also a wine lover’s paradise, with an expansive list of incredible wines from all over the world. Additionally, the ambiance of the restaurant is sophisticated yet welcoming. If you are looking for a unique experience in a bustling tourist destination, this is your spot! You will be treated like royalty here. One of my favorites dishes was the Pasta Fagioli, which was rich and full of flavor.

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