How Halara is Changing the Way We Wear Athleisure


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How Halara is Changing the Way We Wear Athleisure This fall, we’re thinking outside the box when it comes to our active wear. You may have seen us around campus wearing our signature fluorescent tops, tight leather pants, and large knitted sweaters, but did you know that we wear items that no one else sells? Active wear seldom has much practical value because you can’t wear your leggings and tank top to do anything more than just workout.

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What is activewear?

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Activewear refers to anything worn for a workout or for leisure that is typically made from synthetic fabrics (such as nylon, spandre and polyester) and doesn’t require special care. Athletic wear generally offers flexibility, support, and comfort, with a fashionable look to boot. If you plan on getting sweaty during your workout, it’s best to wear clothes that are made to withstand everything you give them with minimal effort on your part. Here are some of our favorite new arrivals:
1) Halara a sporty alternative to black tights; well-made and flattering with an athletic cut. Vibrant colors make them fun enough for more casual occasions as well.
2) The Yoga Tunic is perfect for lounging around at home or working in your studio. The wide neckline and loose fit make it comfortable while still looking stylish.
3) The Sweat Dress in four different color options so you can choose one that works best with your wardrobe. This versatile piece goes great over any top or dress and has side pockets to keep all of your necessities close by.

All three pieces have a high waistline so they stay put while doing yoga, running errands or going about life in general!

The evolution of activewear

The Evolution of Activewear - Part 1 Nike - Blog | Side StepActivewear as we know it has been around for decades, so it’s only natural that it would be due for an upgrade. The world has evolved, and so should our clothes. So it will be at the top of its game, activewear needs to offer more than just its ability to keep us warm or make us feel comfortable–it needs to act like a regular garment, helping us look great when we’re not on a treadmill or in a spin class. That means new fabrics and cuts are essential if they want to stay relevant. To make sure you stay in-the-know about our latest arrivals and how we can make your athleisure look better than ever before: follow @halaraclothing on Instagram! You won’t regret it. And don’t forget to show off what you wear with #halara – because fashion at Halara looks good on everyone!

Introducing Halara and why we do what we do

Hello and welcome to our new, little corner of fashion online. Halara focuses on all things comfort, style and helping you get in touch with your own personal style. Thanks to our interest in a well-designed and quality mix of clothing, we are here to make sure that your work-out gear feels just as great as any other piece of clothing you might wear. Join us on our journey toward redefining active wear in today’s society and stay tuned for updates from our team! And be sure to check out our newest arrivals , featuring clothing from some of your favorite brands including Beyond Yoga, Prana and Oiselle. We hope you enjoy getting to know us—we’re so excited to share with you everything there is to know about fashion at Halara ! Thanks for stopping by! We are a group of women who want to challenge popular conceptions of fashion and sportswear by encouraging people to work out in clothes they love. After seeing how much people loved their Beyond Yoga pants but found them hard to wear outside of their workout, we decided it was time for something different: athleisure that could transition seamlessly between yoga class and brunch with friends without looking like gym attire or business casual attire (think ugly sweatpants). That’s where Halara comes in: functional, comfortable outfits designed specifically for women who live an active lifestyle.

Our history

As our name implies, we take inspiration from the time known as halcyon days – the ancient Greek term for a period of calm in a storm. With five stores and over two decades of experience, athleisure is no longer just a trend—it’s here to stay. And we are helping fashionistas keep up with the times with stylish pieces such as high-quality activewear for men and women. Here at Halara, we love to give customers what they want: a well-curated selection of versatile clothing that can be easily incorporated into every aspect of their lives. Our philosophy? Keep it simple. Our commitment? To keep you looking good while keeping you comfortable and confident in your own skin.

In fact, when shopping with us, you’ll notice right away that there are no rules or restrictions when it comes to fashion. In the end, all we really want is for you to feel amazing about what you feel most beautiful in. After all, fashion should never feel constricting or confining—it should always make us feel free and alive! When shopping with us, remember one thing: To fit in our clothes, we don’t want you to change who you are; we want our clothes to match who you already are!

Simple outfits made easy!

Gym Outfits That'll Make You Want to Work Out — Cute Workout Clothes, ActivewearInstead of throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt every day, embrace your inner fashionista with new arrivals from Halara. Great fashion can be effortless, but to keep it that way you need to think ahead: try out new looks at home or in front of a mirror so you know exactly what works before you step outside. As we all know, there’s nothing worse than an outfit that gets halfway through your first cup of coffee and makes you want to retreat back home for some more clothes shopping—in fact, if it does happen, then you might want to reconsider your wardrobe!

So try not to be afraid to experiment with different colors, prints, and textures. Eventually, you’ll find the right one. Once you do, make sure to stick with it so people get used to seeing those outfits around town! It may seem like a small thing now, but trust us when we say that people will notice (and compliment) your style when they see how well put together everything is.

If you want to feel good throughout the day, don’t underestimate the power of accessories like hats, scarves, and jewelry—even eyeglasses can complement a person’s look and accentuate certain features. And if you want to go for something even more daring? Well, then we recommend trying out some new hairstyles or even experimenting with makeup for a whole new look! Remember: fashion isn’t just about what you wear—it’s also about how you wear it.

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