Best Cideries to Visit in the United States

Cider has seen a huge resurgence in the United States in the past decade, with new cideries popping up all over the country. If you love the crisp and refreshing taste of cider, you can’t afford to miss these 10 best cideries in the United States

1) ACE Cider (Sonoma County, CA)

ACE is a Sonoma County cidery that opened its doors in 2014. They produce a variety of different ciders, including their flagship apple cider which is made from one hundred percent fresh pressed apples. ACE also produces seasonal and limited edition ciders like their Strawberry Rhubarb flavored cider which is only available from April through October. They also have an onsite tasting room where you can sample all of their ciders, as well as other alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer. Their tasting room also has a menu consisting of snacks, small bites, and cocktails that pair nicely with their beverages.

2) Shacksbury Cider (Vergennes, VT)

Shacksbury Cider is Vermont’s first cidery, and it produces some of the best hard cider in all of New England. Shacksbury crafts delicious, flavorful ciders made from a variety of different fruits including apples, pears, and blackberries. The fruit-filled ciders are delightful to drink on their own or can be mixed into cocktails for added flavor. They also make an excellent accompaniment for cheese plates or other light fare. Their tasting room is open every day and offers samples to those who visit them at their Vergennes location.

3) Doc’s Draft Hard Apple Cider (Warwick, NY)

Doc’s Draft Hard Apple Cider is a family-owned and operated business, started in Warwick, NY. They make a variety of hard ciders that are made exclusively from fresh fruit grown on their property. Doc’s Draft uses only pure cane sugar as an extract and does not add any water or other chemicals to their drinks. With no added sugar, salt or preservatives, Doc’s Draft Hard Apple Cider is a great option for those who want a healthy drink that still packs some punch!

4) Wandering Aengus Ciderworks (Salem, OR)

Wandering Aengus is one of the best cideries that you can visit for a day out. It is located in Salem, Oregon and is a family-owned business. Wandering Aengus has been open since 2014, and offers an array of ciders on tap. The tasting room features cider made from 100% organic orchards with apples picked at their peak ripeness. Wandering Aengus uses only natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or extracts. The ciders are cold fermented which produces less acidity than hot fermentation and results in a lighter, crisper flavor profile.

5) Crispin Cider Company (Colfax, CA)

Crispin is one of California’s oldest cider companies, and offers a range of ciders for any taste. Their ciders are most often full-bodied with a rich apple flavor that will make you feel like you’re drinking something alcoholic. The company has been around since 1980 and their cider production facility is on 15 acres of beautiful land in Colfax, CA. They offer tours for free with an open tasting at the end. Crispin also donates 10% of all profits to charities that support environmental sustainability and organic farming practices.

6) Portland Cider Co. (Portland, OR)

Portland, Oregon is a bustling city with lots of things going on. One of those things is Portland Cider Co., a cidery located right in downtown Portland. In addition to delicious cider, they have a taproom where you can try different ciders and hang out with friends. They offer an outdoor patio as well as an indoor area that can be rented for events or gatherings. Their ciders are made from Oregon apples and boast flavors like apple pie and grapefruit ginger. The taproom offers many drinks including a selection of wines, but if you’re looking for something delicious and refreshing, I would recommend trying their cider!

7) Dry River Brewing (Los Angeles, CA)

Dry River Brewing, a brewery and tasting room that only sells ciders and meads, is located on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles. It’s open Wednesday-Sunday from 12-8pm and offers free tours. Dry River Brewing produces a wide variety of ciders, from traditional still ciders to sparkling wines, as well as their signature meads made with organic honey. They also offer snacks for purchase like pork rinds, pepperoni chips and cheese curds.

8) Fox Barrel Cider Co. (Coloma, CA)

The Fox Barrel Cider Company is located on the banks of the Napa River, which serves as a backdrop for their tasting room. They are best known for producing craft cider and Perry from locally grown fruit and juices.
The most popular flavors at Fox Barrel include dry-hopped cider, pear cider, their traditional apple variety, and cranberry apple. All four flavors are available on tap year-round.
They also offer seasonal brews including ginger cherry (during winter), strawberry peach (during spring), blueberry hibiscus (during summer), and cranberry pear (during fall).

9) Angry Orchard (Walden, NY)

The Angry Orchard is located in Walden, New York. This cidery offers an array of ciders and other beverages. They have a tasting room where customers can taste and purchase their beverages. The Angry Orchard also has a gift shop that offers various apparel, trinkets, food, and more products. For those who are not 21 years or older, there is a self-guided tour of the property. Visitors can enjoy this cidery by taking a walk through their apple orchard for fresh fruit picking or by playing on one of their many outdoor games such as cornhole, ladder toss, bocce ball and horseshoes.

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