Ulta Beauty’s Beauty Services for a Cause: Empowering Communities Through Giving


At Ulta Beauty, we believe that beauty goes beyond individual self-expression; it can also be a force for positive change in the community. Our commitment to giving back is reflected in our Beauty Services for a Cause program, which empowers our customers to make a difference while indulging in their favorite beauty services. Through this initiative, we are able to support charitable causes and uplift the lives of those in need.

How Beauty Services for a Cause Works:

The Beauty Services for a Cause program is a unique way for customers to contribute to charitable organizations while receiving beauty services. As part of the program, a percentage of the proceeds from select beauty services is donated to partner charities. This means that every time you enjoy a beauty treatment at Ulta Beauty, you are not only treating yourself but also making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Partnering with Impactful Charities:
We carefully select charitable organizations that align with our values and focus on initiatives that uplift and empower communities. Our partners may include organizations dedicated to women’s empowerment, education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and other meaningful causes. We believe in supporting initiatives that create a lasting impact and improve the well-being of individuals and communities.

A Win-Win for Customers and Charities:
The Beauty Services for a Cause program is a win-win for everyone involved. Customers have the opportunity to enjoy beauty treatments while knowing that their investment is making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. It adds an extra layer of satisfaction to the beauty experience, knowing that every visit to Ulta Beauty contributes to positive change.

Promoting Community Engagement:
We believe that our customers are an integral part of our efforts to give back to the community. Through the Beauty Services for a Cause program, we encourage our customers to engage with the causes they are supporting, learn more about the impact of their contributions, and become advocates for positive change.

Year-Round Giving:
The Beauty Services for a Cause program operates year-round, ensuring that our charitable efforts are consistent and ongoing. We understand that the need for support doesn’t end, and we are committed to making a difference every day.

Beauty with Purpose:
Beauty Services for a Cause exemplifies our belief in beauty with a purpose. It allows us to use the power of beauty to effect meaningful change and uplift those in need. Our customers can take pride in knowing that they are not only enhancing their beauty but also contributing to a brighter future for others Ulta Beauty’s Beauty Services for a Cause program exemplifies our commitment to being a positive force in the community. It empowers our customers to make a difference through their beauty experiences, ensuring that their passion for self-expression extends to making the world a better place. By partnering with impactful charities, we are collectively working towards building a more inclusive, empowered, and sustainable world. At Ulta Beauty, we believe in the transformative power of beauty, both inside and out

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