Get ready for spring and summer with the latest beauty trends!

If you’re feeling inspired to experiment with your look this spring and summer, look no further than the latest beauty trends. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from that you’ll be sure to find something that feels unique to you and makes you feel like you’re living your best life! Here are some of the top beauty trends for summer and spring in 2022, so that you can get ready now! (And follow along!)

Three makeup trends you should be following

Some makeup trends fade, while others become so ubiquitous that they’re hard to avoid—even if you don’t want to. There are beauty products that come out every year (or even twice a year) that we see at just about every department store and Sephora (how can it be so hard to resist a new lipstick, foundation, or mascara?). Some of these trends stick around long enough that you can anticipate them coming, too. It’s not always easy to know what makeup trends will be sticking around in five years, but there are some safe bets worth following. And by 2022, these three should still be hot Light, natural brows: This one has been popular for a while now and is unlikely to change any time soon. The trend is all about letting your eyebrows do their thing naturally. Instead of filling them in as many beauty enthusiasts did just a few years ago, fillers like microblading have made it easier than ever to create gorgeous brows without making your look overdone. Of course, if you love having your eyebrows completely done up then go ahead—this trend doesn’t need to stop you from doing what makes you feel beautiful! But if lighter brows sound appealing then consider trying some microblading yourself when the next season rolls around

Three accessories to add sparkle to your outfits

When it comes to accessories, it’s always best to show restraint. If you have too many of one item, they start competing with each other. It looks like you’re trying too hard. However, there are times when more is more—and here are three pieces that work best when worn together: bright earrings, big sunglasses, and a nice necklace. The trick is not wearing all three at once. Instead, pick your favorite piece from each category and wear them individually throughout your day or on different days. You can even mix up which order you wear them in (earrings first or last). But if you want to add some sparkle to your outfit without going overboard, try these combinations. They’ll make you look chic and put together with no matter what time of year it is. For summertime, pair bright red statement earrings with oversized round glasses that come in metallic finishes such as gold or silver. Try a chunky gold chain necklace to complete your look. In springtime, opt for dainty hoop earrings made out of pearls or gemstones instead of bolder ones made out of brightly colored metals. Wear small square frames that are decorated with rhinestones around the rims—think Tiffany blue!

Two easy ways to give your skin a dewy look

Skincare trends will likely depend on where you live, but there are a few common tips that seem to work everywhere. Dehydration is one of them. Most people don’t drink enough water, which means their skin suffers from dehydration. But if you’re drinking plenty of water (about 10 glasses a day), follow it up by adding hydrating toners and serums to your daily routine as well as exfoliating your skin every other day or so with gentle scrubs. Use a cool setting when shaving, too—temperatures below 104 degrees are ideal for sensitive skin—and always moisturize after you’ve shaved to help prevent ingrown hairs. You can also give your skin a dewy look by using a facial mist before applying makeup. These sprays contain humectants like glycerin and propylene glycol that bind moisture to your face, making it look healthy and hydrated. Humectants also pull moisture from the air into dry skin, creating an even more plump appearance.

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