Lucky Souls Who Make Good Money At Very Easy Jobs

Here are people who seem to make good money at very easy jobs, and they’re living their best lives because of it! It’s almost too good to be true that they can make this much while putting in so little effort, but they aren’t alone in the world of lucky souls who enjoy their work and reap the rewards because of it. Find out what it’s like to be part of the lucky souls!

1) Dog Walker

Dog Walkers – A dog walker is someone who does exactly what it sounds like, walks dogs for a living. This job requires no formal education and can be done as a side gig on the weekends or full time to make money. You don’t even have to have your own dog because many people are willing to pay for their pup’s exercise! House Cleaner – If you’re not afraid of heights, this might be the perfect job for you. House cleaners clean windows, tiles, kitchens and more by getting up high and going in hard with a bucket of suds. Bartender – This is a fun job that allows you to meet new people every day while making good money at it!

2) Personal Shopper

Most people don’t know that personal shoppers make a lot of money and have easy jobs. Personal shoppers are hired to go shopping for someone else, whether it’s by themselves or with the client. The clients usually have specific requests, like they want to see all the clothes in a certain size, or they want to only look at dresses. Clients can be men or women, and their needs can vary from one day to the next. Sometimes clients will want an outfit for a specific occasion like a wedding and other times they’ll just want new clothes for work or play.

3) Netflix Tagger

Every day, millions of people around the world watch TV shows and movies on Netflix. It’s not a job you would think about as being one that pays well or is easy, but it is for these lucky souls. Tagging content for Netflix can be done from home and has many benefits including being able to set your own hours. If you have an internet connection, you can make good money with this easy job! The ability to work from home and set your own hours makes this a perfect gig for those who want flexibility in their schedule. You also don’t need to worry about any responsibilities other than watching TV – no driving or commuting required!

4) Personal Trainers

Many people have a misconception that personal trainers are super fit and can’t relate to someone who has a more sedentary lifestyle. However, I have been a personal trainer for the last five years, and I love my job because it is one of the most relaxing jobs you can do. In addition, as an easy job, I get to help people feel better about themselves while making good money at it! I will also be going on some vacations next year with all of the extra time off from being a cuddler. I am feeling really lucky right now, not just because I make good money doing this easy job but also because my back feels less sore than it usually does after spending hours in front of a computer screen.

5) Comedian

I’m sure most of us think about the kind of job we would love to have. Most of us also think that it is not possible, and that we are doomed to a life of dissatisfaction with our work. But there are many lucky souls who get to spend their days doing what they love, and getting paid for it. Here are 10 lucky souls who make good money at very easy jobs!
Comedian – Making people laugh can be the best job ever. And it doesn’t take much training to become a comedian – just start performing at open mics and you’ll find your niche! Even if you’re only a part-time stand up comic, it’s still one of those easy jobs that pays well. Comedy clubs usually pay anywhere from $25-$75 per set (depending on length). Some comedians even go on tour and can earn over $50,000 per year. As long as you are funny enough!

6) Event Planner

Event planners are experts at helping people plan and execute events. With the right skills and experience, event planners can earn a hefty salary with little effort. To succeed in this line of work, you’ll need to be good with other people, have strong organizational skills and excellent communication skills. If you’re able to do all that, event planning may be your lucky soul!

7) Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistants do much more than type or send emails. They offer administrative support to their clients from wherever they may be located. As long as you have a solid internet connection, no degree required! You might also find that your entrepreneurial streak is really well suited to this job since virtual assistants don’t typically require any startup investment or overhead costs. Plus, you can set your own hours and are never stuck in traffic.

8) Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are lucky souls who make good money at very easy jobs. There is no formal education required and the job can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. Writers can create their own work schedule and freelance, or find a steady client. A lot of freelancers I know offer editing services as well, which is just another way to boost your income! It’s hard to go wrong when it comes to being a writer; if you’re not writing for someone else, you can always write books! Or how about some blogging? Yep, blogging has turned into a huge industry that pays people big bucks on the side. And you don’t have to be great at it because writing something short every day for three months will automatically qualify you for the course!

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