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When you’re looking for the best sports supplies, whether it’s shoes, clothing or equipment, you need to know where to shop. Not all sportswear stores are created equal, and not every piece of sports equipment or gear will live up to your expectations or last as long as it should. For quality products, fantastic prices and overall satisfaction, look no further than INTERSPORT. Their selection of athletic shoes, clothing and equipment covers virtually every sport out there, including running, tennis and more.


High-quality sporting goods and functional as well as trendy sportswear for women, men and children await you in the INTERSPORT online shop . The wide range includes everything you need for sports or outdoor activities. Here, both sports clubs and recreational athletes can conveniently use the advantages of the online shop at any time. Buy your sportswear and your sports items online from INTERSPORT easily and comfortably from home or reserve your desired items directly at the INTERSPORT retailer in your area. Whether competitive sport or sport as a hobby – with our sports equipment for women, men and children we encourage you to achieve top performance:

Products and Services

Especially when jogging , the optimal equipment helps to achieve the desired training goal. A heart rate monitor, for example, ensures compliance with the stress limits during training and makes training progress easier to recognize. Running clothing, consisting of sports trousers and a running jacket, is also fundamental to running equipment . Running shoes are the most important part . These must fit like a glove and should suit the individual running style of the runner. The trend is towards naturally light shoes like the NIKE Free, which come closest to walking barefoot. Other sports items suitable for running training from NIKE , adidas or Asics can be found online under the Running category .
In the area of ​​fitness and workout, the selection at INTERSPORT ranges from ideal fitness clothing and sporty sweatshirts to dumbbells and weight plates. Whether for beginners, hobby athletes or professionals, our online shop provides you with a wide range of sports equipment, be it for dancing, functional training, training with large equipment or for contemplative yoga. INTERSPORT also offers suitable inline skates and accessories for training on rollers.
In team sports such as football, handball , basketball or volleyball , for which sports clubs meet regularly, high-quality sports articles and appropriate sportswear are essential for optimal competitions. In our sports shop, footballers, handball players and co. are equipped from head to toe. Here footballs , football jerseys and football boots are part of the high-quality range of sporting goods that you can buy online.

Why Choose InterSport?

The INTERSPORT online sports shop also offers a wide range of outdoor equipment for mountaineering and hiking . This ranges from trekking backpacks for longer tours to hiking backpacks for day trips to Nordic walking poles . In the field of outdoor clothing, high-quality trekking trousers, outdoor jackets, hiking jackets, fleece jackets, functional jackets and softshell jackets from well-known top outdoor brands such as McKinley , CMP , THE NORTH FACE or JACK WOLFSKIN are available. Also for hiking shoes and trekking shoes neither men nor women have to do without quality. For your next camping holiday we offer you a large selection of high-quality tents . You can find these and other camping accessories in our online shop. With our wide range of equipment you are well equipped for your next outdoor adventure and can let your soul dangle in nature.
For the winter INTERSPORT offers the optimal ski equipment for beginners, advanced and professionals. Under the keyword Winter World you will find a selected overview of the winter sports range in specialist retailer quality in the online shop. Here you can get warm ski jackets and ski pants made of high-quality functional textiles and other ski clothing for the slopes. Ski boots , which round off the equipment perfectly, ensure a stable hold . All you need is the perfect skis and your holiday on the slopes can begin! If you don’t find the right pair with us, INTERSPORT also offers convenient ski rentals in various ski areas.


It offers the best sporting goods and sportswear, with a focus on running shoes, cross-training shoes, trail running shoes, soccer cleats/sneakers, baseball cleats/sneakers, football cleats/sneakers, work boots, work gloves. We carry an extensive inventory of sporting goods in our stores nationwide. With such a wide selection to choose from you are sure to find what you need right in your neighborhood store.

In-store services include custom orthotics, sports massages, shoe repair and much more. Whether you are a recreational or competitive athlete you’ll find shoes to suit your needs at Intersport. If you have any questions regarding sports equipment or sporting goods just ask one of our trained store associates. They will be happy to help!

Style with Hoodies

Hoodies are a must-have when it comes to layering. They can be worn with anything, adding an extra layer of warmth or just something to throw on before heading out the door. With so many different styles of hoodies available at InterSport you’re sure to find one that is perfect for you! From long sleeve, women’s fleece lined or men’s hooded sweatshirts we’ve got a style for everyone.

Our women’s fleece lined hoodies are great to throw on while on your daily run or walk. For an extra boost of warmth we recommend throwing on a pair of warm leggings, tights or running pants. Finish off your look with a pair of stylish sneakers for women and make sure you’re ready for anything! InterSport has all of your women’s apparel needs in one place so get shopping today!

Our men’s hoodies are a must have in your wardrobe. We know you already have a few so why not make sure they’re all from InterSport! Our selection of mens fleece lined hoodies come in different styles, colors and patterns so make sure you grab one before they’re gone! Throw on your new favorite mens hoodie with your favorite pair of jeans or even shorts to really add that extra flare to any look!


As a company, want to be a role model and take responsibility. Responsibility for our dealers in the InterSport association, for our customers and for our employees. For this reason, we have laid down our efforts to act responsibly both in our mission statement and in the Heilbronner Declaration (HNE), which InterSport signed five years ago together with other companies. The signing was the starting signal for our further development in the triad of ecology, economy and social commitment.

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