Potassium-Rich           Foods

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great healthy food that will help you maintain strong muscles, especially if you work out.

    White Beans

White beans are a great source of protein, fiber, folate, manganese, and many other nutrients. These legumes are also packed with potassium.


Salmon is a great source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. These two nutrients provide numerous health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease.


Broccoli  a nutrient-dense vegetable, which means it provides more nutrients than calories. It's one of the most nutritious vegetables you can eat, loaded with vitamin C, calcium, folate and fiber.


These tasty little fruits can be a great addition to your diet if you're looking for more ways to get more of this important mineral.


Mushrooms are a great source of potassium. They're also low in calories, high in vitamins and minerals, and they're meatless.