World Tourism Day The year 2022 is World Tourism Day's 42nd iteration and this year's theme is "Rethinking Tourism"

This theme deals with the development of the tourism sector and reviews its resurgence after the COVID-19 pandemic.

some of the travel trends that aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

The Rise in Solo Travelling

With more and more people exploring the world on their own terms, solo travel is now an integral part of modern day tourism.


They are a popular trend in travel, which allows travellers to exchange culture with locals.

Domestic Travel

Thanks to the pandemic, domestic tourism is more attractive as borders stayed closed for quite a while.

Longer Vacations

With increased domestic travel came long-term stays. A remote work setup enabled one to stay in a place for a long time.

Support local communities

Supporting the local community and economy became an important part of the travel experience.

Wellness Trips is increasing

More people are starting to recognize the benefits of investing time in their health and personal wellbeing.


An increased emphasis on going overseas and volunteering has become part of this voluntourism fad.