Lucky Souls Who Make Good Money At Very Easy Jobs 

Dog Walkers :

This job requires no formal education and can be done as a side gig on the weekends or full time to make money. 

Personal Shopper :

Personal shoppers are hired to go shopping for someone else, whether it's by themselves or with the client 

Netflix Tagger :

It's not a job you would think about as being one that pays well or is easy, but it is for these lucky souls. 

Personal Trainers :  

Many people have a misconception that personal trainers are super fit and can't relate to someone who has a more sedentary lifestyle. 

Comedian  :

But there are many lucky souls who get to spend their days doing what they love, and getting paid for it. 

Event Planner :

With the right skills and experience, event planners can earn a hefty salary with little effort.