Incredible Venice Restaurants

Ristorante Antiche Carampane

The restaurant is set up like an ancient Venetian villa with gilded furniture and paintings from local artists 

Osteria al portego 

This is a luxurious restaurant with an affordable price. When you walk in, the decor and ambiance is beautiful and elegant. 

Trattoria da GiGio

The restaurant was founded by Gigi Moneti in 1947 and has remained popular for their delicious cuisine and lavish decor. 

Da Ivo 

Da Ivo is situated on a charming piazza, and offers modern dishes with an Italian twist like lobster ravioli and risotto alla Milanese. 

The food was not only authentic, but also delicious. 

Antica Mola

Bottega Del Vino

In the heart of Venice, this restaurant is a perfect spot for couples looking for a romantic date night.