Incredible places the Brady Bunch visited while in Hawaii 

Haleakala National Park 

They spent a lot of time driving up to Haleakala National Park, which is located at 10,000 feet.  

Iao Valley State Park 

This is a great place to visit with kids! They can hike, ride bikes, and even do some fishing. 


Not only can you visit museums and beautiful beaches, but also there are plenty of spots for delicious food and drink. 


Lanai is an island that is located within Maui County. It spans a total distance of 30 miles, and is barely two miles wide 


The Brady's visit Molokai after one of Jan's paintings is purchased by a wealthy man on Maui. 

The Brady's first stop was to see a surfing contest. They saw a beautiful sunset and some of their friends came to visit.