Hollywood Movies That Deserve a Remake 

The Omen 

The Omen deserved a remake because it was genuinely scary and suspenseful for its time period. 

War of the Worlds 

The movie is also genuine in that after making this entertaining spectacle, Spielberg takes time to explore what happens when people are put under unusual stresses 

Jurassic Park 

The movie was filled with amazing special effects that still hold up today, as well as an emotional story about family. 


This is one movie that should be remade because it captures the true spirit of what people love about summer movies: horror and suspense 


The story follows Carrie White, a high school student who is ostracized and ridiculed by her classmates because she is unathletic and socially awkward. 


Godzilla is often seen as a symbol of Japanese identity, and his story reflects changing social values in Japan