Haunted Things That Will Make People Believe In The Undead And Change Their Minds 

Amityville Horror House  was the site of a murder-suicide committed by Ronald DeFeo Jr. and his family on November 13th, 1974 

Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII, was beheaded on charges of adultery and treason. 

The Black Dahlia was a nickname given to Elizabeth Short, a 22-year-old woman who was murdered in 1947. 

The Bell Witch is one of the most famous cases in American folklore, and there are a number of theories about what happened 

The Myrtles Plantation, which is the most haunted house in America, was built in 1796 and has been a tourist attraction ever since 

Anne Boleyn's ghost is one of the most famous ghost stories associated with the Tower of London.