Former Child Stars Who Wish They Grew Up Normal 

Drew Barrymore

She is well-known for her acting career and her successful hair-care line, is one of the lucky few who has gotten to live out both childhood dreams.  

Macaulay Culkin 

The thing about Macaulay Culkin though is that he never wanted to be an actor, he just wanted to grow up normal

Christina Ricci 

Christina Ricci was born on February 12, 1980 and is an American actress best known for her work in the 1990s films

Jodie Foster

After being a child star in her teens, she went on to become one of the most accomplished actresses of all time. 

Devon Sawa 

Sadly, his career took a turn after starring in horror movies such as Final Destination 2 and 10,000 BC. 

Tobey Maguire 

The youngest of seven children, Tobey's childhood was not always easy.