World Smile Day  Friday 7 October

 Those who smile live longer  It turns out that one way to stay alive is to smile more

Stress can be relieved by smiling  It actually wards off fatigue, anxiety, and fear, and in the process can reduce one's stress.

Smiling Can Keep You Positive  The act of smiling has an influence on your level of positivity, even if it feels false.

Smiling makes people more attractive  People who smile naturally attract us.

Boosts your immune system.  In addition to boosting your overall health, smiling also improves your immune system's performance

Lowers blood pressure  In addition to causing a surge in heart rate and breathing, laughter seems to lower blood pressure

Provides a form of pain relief.  We feel good from head to toe when we smile because it releases endorphins, natural painkillers, and serotonin 

Elevates your mood   Next time you feel down, try smiling. It will make you feel better.