8 Reality Shows That Are Proven To Be Fake, Fake, Fake...... 

Love Is Blind 

During an episode of Love Is Blind, the amount of food on Sal and Mallory's plates was in constant flux, revealing how much of the show's narrative is pieced together during editing.   

Bling Ring 

The Real Bling Ring, a Netflix documentary: Hollywood Heist about the "Bling Ring," the cops showing up at Alexis Neiers' house on Pretty Wild was fake. 


In an early season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, there is a storyline about Kris Jenner hiring a nanny who sunbathes topless and behaves unprofessionally. However, the thing is Contrary to what some people think, the nanny on Modern Family isn't a babysitter--she's actually porn star Bree Olson. Bree got her role on the show because of her talent agent. 

Jersey Shore 

On the sixth season of Jersey Shore, Nicole Snooki Polizzi's clothes alternated between being see-through and see-through. 

The Hills 

Heideen Pratt claims her job with Bolthouse made up for The Hills, so the storyline about her being fired was also false. 

Deal or No Deal 

Many game shows that use a live audience like Deal or No Deal hire paid members to fill in the crowd. You can find these gigs listed on casting sites. 


And I also think back to MTV's Next series with their collection of fun facts for contestants? For what it's worth, some former contestants have accused the show of scripting lines for them. 

Middle of Nowhere 

In Naked and Afraid, the survivalists are given medicine (as well as food and water). In the same interview, the contestant also claimed they could hear music from a block party from their "middle of nowhere" location.  

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