Top Places You Need to Visit in Italy

Italy, home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Coliseum in Rome and the Duomo in Florence, has much more to offer than just its well-known sites. Whether you’re looking for beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean coast or winding alleys full of history in Milan, Italy has plenty to see and do that doesn’t involve museums or structures built centuries ago. Here are some of the best places you need to visit in Italy when you go on your next vacation there.


Colosseum – One of Rome’s most famous attractions that dates back over 2000 years and still standing today. Visitors can explore this national treasure by buying a ticket and touring it during opening hours. The highlight of the Colosseum is its entrance. The Imperial staircase leads up to the Arco dei Fori Imperiali, one of Rome’s most beautiful monuments, while inside the Colosseum has undergone major restorations but you will find what remains very momentous. The Vatican Museum: From towering Renaissance frescos to Michelangelo sculptures, Vatican Museum offers an intriguing mix.
*Frescoes: These paintings were painted onto wet plaster then set into mortar on walls and ceilings; they are often only visible for a few months before they start to deteriorate so visiting them as soon as possible is recommended!


The city of Florence is a photogenic, vibrant and momentous place. The city itself has a history dating back to Roman times, but the Renaissance period is where the most significant contribution was made. It’s home to many noteworthy landmarks such as the Duomo Cathedral and Piazza della Signoria which is lined with statues from Michelangelo. If you’re looking for some lesser known attractions try the Basilica of Santa Croce or Boboli Gardens which are beautifully landscaped gardens with fountains and sculptures.


If you’re looking for a momentous place to visit, then you need to head on over to Venice. It’s stunning, vibrant and photogenic. This city is known as one of the best tourist destinations in all of Italy. The Grand Canal is its main attraction with many bridges that cross it, creating a beautiful sight. The Palazzo Ducale (or Ducal Palace) is another great spot worth checking out while you’re there as it has been used by royals since the 1100s! Don’t forget about St Mark’s Basilica and Square because they are magnificent places of worship and amazing for taking pictures! There are tons of galleries, museums and shops in this beautiful city so be sure to take your time when exploring.


The first place you need to visit is Pisa, and it will be momentous. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an amazing site, but it’s not the only thing worth seeing. There are bridges that cross the Arno River, a beautiful cathedral, and plenty of other sites. It’s an amazing place to visit! But if you have time after your stay in Pisa, there are many more places to see. One of these is the Duomo di Milano. It’s located right near one of the most important universities in all of Europe, Universita’ Statale di Milano-Bicocca. These schools offer classes on everything from classics to modern history and geography. Don’t forget about Venice! The city has water canals with unique architecture everywhere you go, along with grand buildings and ancient art pieces like Torcello Cathedral with its red brick interior or St Mark Basilica, home to one of the world’s most expensive pieces of art: ‘The Adoration.’ Last but not least is Florence where you can find some of the best Renaissance art in existence.


The narrow cobbled streets and the ancient buildings may have been what drew me there but it was the people who made me fall in love with Siena. Whether they were selling meat from their butcher shop or freshly baked bread from their bakery, every person you met seemed happy and content. And don’t forget wine tasting! I’m not much of a drinker but I know a good thing when I taste it and the wine found here is some of the best on earth. It’s usually around ten euros per glass so bring your cash (or Euro) if you’re going to do some serious tasting. If you’re like me and need more than just food and drink, then make sure to visit the Duomo which has an impressive façade that will blow your mind. If that’s not enough then go check out Piazza del Campo which is one of Europe’s largest squares at 1,200 meters long and 400 meters wide.


Nestled near the Gulf of Naples, Naples is a bustling city with an immense cultural and culinary influence. Home to such landmarks as the Royal Palace, Bourbon Theatre, and Via San Gregorio Armeno, Naples offers something for everyone. From exquisite food tasting excursions to historical tours of Old Naples with its cobblestone streets and picturesque architecture, there’s no shortage of sights and sounds in this vibrant metropolis.


If you love hiking, Capri is the island for you. The island is home to over 900 kilometers of scenic trails and paths. If you’re not up for a hike, there’s always the cable car that will take you from Marina Grande (on the mainland) all the way up to Anacapri, Capri’s highest point. Once there, grab a coffee at one of the many cafes or head into town on foot. The views are spectacular! From here, you can see Vesuvius National Park below as well as Mount Vesuvius in the distance. After taking it all in, grab some lunch at one of the local restaurants before heading back down by cable car.


Milan Milan, or Milano as it’s called by locals, is the economic powerhouse of Italy. It’s home to some of the top fashion designers and brands in the world as well as being an international food destination. There are also many museums, churches and historic buildings worth checking out. But perhaps best of all are the shopping opportunities; there are plenty of markets for you to browse through and choose from.

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