Super Awkward Moments From The 2022 People’s Choice Awards

The 2022 People’s Choice Awards was certainly a night to remember, but not necessarily for the right reasons. From celebrity gaffes to awkward audience reactions, there were plenty of super awkward moments that left us cringing. Here are some of the most cringe-worthy moments from the event that we’ll never forget.

1) Ellen DeGeneres’ awkward opening monologue

The 2022 People’s Choice Awards kicked off with a super awkward opening monologue from host Ellen DeGeneres. She started off her set by making light of the controversy that has plagued her throughout the past year, while also poking fun at some of the celebrities in attendance.
The audience seemed to be taken aback at first, not sure how to react to such an unusual approach. But eventually, they began to laugh along as she continued her monologue. Ellen went on to joke about some of the nominated films and TV shows, before finally getting around to introducing the award for Favourite Movie.
It was certainly one of the most memorable opening monologues of recent years. Whether it was super awkward or just plain entertaining is up for debate. But one thing is for certain: no one will forget what happened at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards any time soon.

2) Jennifer Lopez’s awkward acceptance speech

The 2022 People’s Choice Awards was a night of high emotions and super awkward moments. One of the most awkward moments of the night came when Jennifer Lopez accepted her award for Favorite Female Artist.
As she stood up to accept her award, J-Lo stumbled on her words and paused multiple times as if she had forgotten what she wanted to say. The audience seemed to sense the awkwardness and started shifting uncomfortably in their seats. It seemed like an eternity before J-Lo finally managed to get her acceptance speech out, and when she finished everyone let out a collective sigh of relief.
When asked about the moment later, Lopez said It’s a super awkward thing that happens in the moment. She laughed it off, but you could tell she was still embarrassed about it. We can’t help but wonder if this might just be the start of more super awkward moments to come at next year’s awards!

3) Rihanna’s awkward moment with Drake

The 2022 People’s Choice Awards were certainly full of surprises, but none was more awkward than when Rihanna and Drake came face to face. The two superstars haven’t been on the best of terms since their 2014 breakup, and the tension was palpable when they shared the stage for a Best Collaboration award. As the audience held their breath in anticipation, Drake gave a speech about how proud he was to be nominated alongside RiRi. However, Rihanna’s response was far from warm, simply thanking him and walking away. The super awkward moment left everyone wondering if they’ll ever patch things up.

4) Nicki Minaj’s awkward moment with Cardi B

The 2022 People’s Choice Awards were filled with plenty of memorable moments, but none was more super awkward than when Nicki Minaj and Cardi B unexpectedly encountered each other.
As the two walked past one another in the aisles, they both froze in place. For what felt like an eternity, the two exchanged uneasy glances, before quickly turning away. The air between them was thick with tension as both seemed to want to avoid each other at all costs.
The awkwardness only deepened when the audience started whispering and pointing in their direction. With all eyes on them, neither Nicki nor Cardi could escape the situation without it looking obvious. In the end, they simply continued walking in opposite directions, leaving behind a sense of unease.
It was a super awkward moment that everyone present will remember for years to come.

5) Miley Cyrus’ awkward performance

The 2022 People’s Choice Awards had its fair share of awkward moments, but none quite as super awkward as Miley Cyrus’ performance. As soon as the star took the stage, the audience was already aware that something wasn’t quite right. It quickly became clear that Miley had been struggling with some technical issues prior to her performance, and this showed in her singing and dancing.
Although she started off strong, her singing became more off-key and out of sync as the performance went on. The audience was uncomfortable, and the silence between the lines of her song was downright super awkward. The most cringeworthy moment came when she attempted to dance – her moves were far from graceful and lacked any kind of coordination.
Overall, it was a less than stellar performance and one of the most super awkward moments of the entire award show. Despite the issues, Miley still managed to deliver a passionate performance which was admired by many in attendance. However, it was clear that her technical difficulties had taken their toll on her and she was unable to truly enjoy the moment.

6) Justin Bieber’s awkward moment with Hailey Baldwin

The 2022 People’s Choice Awards was filled with plenty of memorable moments, but none more cringe-worthy than when Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin took to the stage. It was an uncomfortable exchange between the two that left many in the audience feeling super awkward.
The couple, who have been married since 2018, had just been presented with the award for Favourite Celebrity Couple when Bieber stepped up to the microphone and began to deliver his acceptance speech. After thanking his fans for voting for them, Bieber made a joke about how the couple isn’t always in sync. He then looked over at Baldwin, who appeared visibly flustered and rolled her eyes.
The audience erupted into laughter, but it was obvious that the joke had fallen flat and the couple’s moment on stage quickly descended into an awkward silence. Baldwin attempted to lighten the mood by putting her arm around her husband but Bieber quickly pushed her away, causing a wave of groans from the crowd.
It was a super awkward moment for everyone involved and one that will likely not be forgotten anytime soon.

7) Ariana Grande’s awkward moment with Pete Davidson

The 2022 People’s Choice Awards was a night of incredible performances, stunning outfits, and of course, a few super awkward moments. One of the most memorable moments of the evening came when Ariana Grande took the stage to accept an award and was confronted with her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson.
It was a super awkward moment as the two exchanged uneasy glances from across the room. While Ariana kept her composure and accepted her award gracefully, it was clear that the two were feeling uneasy about seeing each other for the first time since their break up. The audience could feel the tension in the room, making for one of the most talked-about moments of the night.
While Ariana and Pete did not speak directly to each other, it was still a super awkward situation for everyone involved. It’s unclear whether the two will eventually find a way to mend their relationship or whether this was the end of their friendship. One thing is certain though; their awkward encounter at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards will live in infamy.

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