Safari in Dubai: A Ride Through the Desert


Riding a camel through the desert might not sound like your idea of a good time, but it’s worth it. This is one of the most interesting ways to explore Dubai, especially if you’re visiting during the winter when you might even see some of the wild animals that live in and around the city. With your Adventure Time running about an hour, you’ll be given a closer look at some of the city’s most famous landmarks as well as its natural scenery. Don’t pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

How do I get there?

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We provide a transportation service if you’re taking a tour from Dubai. However, if you prefer to get there by public transportation, you’re able to take a cab or use public transportation. To make it easier on yourself, just visit any one of the several tour agencies in town and book one of their tours. They have plenty of options; so if you have any worries about finding something that interests you, not to worry. Some companies offer walking safaris while others have camel rides and sand buggy rides as well.

Lots of people come to the desert for sand safaris, a one- or two-day trip through some of the many sandy parts of Dubai. In addition to these trips, it’s common for companies to offer 2–3 days of safaris, combined with other activities like camel riding and a quick tour of the city. People do that on their own and it’s also common for people to go together as a group on the journey.
Depending on factors like group size, length of trip, etc., the price can range from $45 USD – $150 USD per person per day.

What should I know before getting there?

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When planning a trip to Abu Dhabi, you might have the question of whether or not you’re going to see sand dunes on your list. Along with having a lot of natural wonders, Abu Dhabi also has sand dunes. If you want to take pictures, enjoy a picnic, or explore on foot, the Golden Sands Hotel has a camel ride service that should please everyone. While you’re there, don’t forget that visitors can also go hiking up Jabal Jais Mountain from any direction. This mountain peak offers a wonderful view of both land and sea! There are two ways to get to it—by car or by bus. If you choose bus, be aware that they do fill up quickly so plan ahead if you want to make sure you get on one! The bus is free for hotel guests but costs 50 dirhams for non-guests. Also, if you don’t want to climb all the way up, you can take a cable car instead! Regardless of your method of travel, the views from the top are beautiful. Sunscreen is also a good idea because you’re still going to want to visit even though the temperatures are nicer outside. This will keep you from getting a sunburn during sunny days.

The temperature stays around 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) during most months of the year, though July and August can reach as high as 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit). Keep in mind that wind speeds tend to increase during these months too. At its highest point, however, Jabal Jais stands over 2 kilometers above sea level (6281 feet)! It may sound like a tall order, but many tourists actually prefer taking buses rather than cars since they’re more adventurous.

How much will it cost me?

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If you’re planning to travel, there are two questions that get asked about a thousand times each: how much will it cost and how long will it take? From experience, I can tell you that both questions are impossible to answer—traveling is too variable. It depends on when you go (weekdays versus weekends), where you go (is your destination close to home or far away?), who you travel with (if it’s just one person, traveling alone is cheaper but if you have a large group, coordinating all of their needs will cost more), and what time of year it is (some destinations are more expensive during certain seasons). The only way to know for sure is to simply check prices and book.

To a much greater degree than before, I hope that my website has helped you to plan your trip. Just as I said earlier, it’s impossible to answer all of your questions – you’ll have to travel and figure those out for yourself. Now, armed with this information, I hope you’ll be ready to embark on your journey! If there are any other questions you have, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What are the different kinds of tours available?

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There are two main kinds of safaris available for tourists, both of which take you off-road to various locations across Dubai. One type is an overnight safari, and it’s during these that most of your time will be spent on a dune bashing tour in either a 4×4 or camel back. The other option is more of a day tour with stops along sandy paths leading to destinations like mountains and oases—it’s meant to be a less strenuous option, but what makes it fun is how accommodating staff members can be about any special requests you might have. If you want something more relaxing or even exotic (like wine tasting), there are specialized tours for those as well!

Is it safe to travel by myself?

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Whether you’re heading off to remote, dangerous locales or in a new town or city, safety is always an issue. Always remember to be prepared for what may come your way when you head out the door. More safety comes from being on your own than when you’re with a group of people, because you’re surrounded by fewer people and have greater control over what’s going to happen next. If plans change, don’t hesitate to call a loved one who knows where you are, and then stay alert while on your own. As long as you are careful when heading out on your own, there is no reason not to go out and explore!

How long should I stay?

It’s entirely up to you how long you stay. Some travelers prefer to see as much of Dubai as possible in a week or two, while others enjoy decompressing with a weeklong leisurely stay. Most people take a combination of these approaches, and most will recommend at least three days to explore everything from The Palm Jumeirah and Jumeriah Beach Residence (JBR) district, to Deira and Burj Khalifa. If time is an issue for you, stick to Sheikh Zayed Road; it offers something for everyone (shopping, dining, attractions), and is accessible via several options for public transportation. This is also where most hotels are located and where your tour guides will meet you upon arrival.

What kind of weather can I expect?

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Dubai is famous for its year-round sunny, warm weather. But although it may be hot in July, it’s not humid like some other parts of Asia and Africa. The best time to go on a safari ride will depend on what you’re planning to do. If you just want to take pictures and aren’t looking for an adventurous trip, then December to March are ideal because temperatures can reach as high as 85 degrees Fahrenheit but humidity levels remain low (great for camera equipment). November through February are also great months if you want a little less sun and heat; expect daytime highs around 75 degrees Fahrenheit with night lows around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re looking for something more extreme, try May through September.

In addition to sun, sand and surf, Australia has a reputation for being a wildlife haven. There are kangaroos and koalas hopping around in many of its cities and open areas. Many of its major cities have zoos where you can get up close with some indigenous animals.

Do I need to speak Arabic?

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Learning Arabic might seem difficult, but it’s definitely not impossible. Many hotels offer classes for new employees, and if you find yourself staying at a place that doesn’t offer lessons, there are plenty of other ways to learn. Apps like Duolingo can help you pick up some basics (you don’t have to start with Arabic!). And visiting an expat community center is an excellent way to make friends and find English-speaking tutors or teachers. Of course, it may be challenging—if not outright uncomfortable—to strike up a conversation with strangers or engage in small talk with shopkeepers or taxi drivers; but don’t let fear of using your language skills stop you from trying.


Where can I find more information about tourism in Dubai?

Dubai Tourism Statistics 2022 [Infographics] | GMIThe best way to find more information about travelling to and exploring Dubai is to do your own research. We recommend checking out TripAdvisor’s Dubai forum, Lonely Planet’s chapter on Dubai, and Wikipedia’s page on tourism in Dubai. Read traveler reviews and spend time on a variety of websites to prepare yourself before making decisions about when to travel or where to stay. Start by researching on Wikitravel or visiting an online travel company like Expedia or Orbitz to purchase plane tickets or make reservations. As well, please call your local UAE embassy for further information on visas and other necessary preparations for an overseas trip.

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