Reasons for Defending Unpopular Home Design Trends That Actually Make a Lot of Sense

Every home design trend has its fans and its naysayers, but some trends have more detractors than others. So the question that needs to be asked isn’t Is this home design trend popular? but rather Does it make sense in their own homes? Here are reasons defending the unpopular home design trends that actually make a lot of sense in their own homes…

1) Shag Carpets

Carpets can be an aesthetic upgrade to your home. Shag carpets, in particular, are one of the best options to choose from. Here are ten reasons why:
It’s soft and cozy – If you have wooden or tile floors, shag carpets will help soothe your feet after a long day. Plus, shag carpets are comfortable when lounging on your couch or bed as well.
It’s warm and inviting – Shag carpets aren’t just cozy, but they also have the ability to add warmth to any space. This is especially helpful during winter months when it’s cold outside and you want to protect yourself from the chill indoors.

2) Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting can be an outdated and unpopular home design trend, but it makes sense in certain homes. Wall-to-wall carpeting is a good choice if you have kids or pets, because it’s easier to clean than hardwood or tile floors. Wall-to-wall carpeting also provides warmth in rooms with little insulation and keeps dust from settling on hard surfaces like wood floors. If you’re looking to create an energy efficient home, wall-to-wall carpeting will help by insulating the cold floor from the warm room air.

3) Vinyl Flooring

Some home design trends, like the installation of vinyl floors, are unpopular because they are seen as inexpensive and low-quality. But if you’re on a budget and you want your home to feel new, then vinyl is perfect. You can get it in any color that you want, it’s easy to clean, and it’s durable. Plus, what looks better than brand new floors? No one ever regrets investing in this home design trend! So next time someone tries to give you advice about which home design trends make sense and which don’t, remember that some people might be a little too quick to judge – but not all designs should be considered silly or bad.

4) Track lighting

Track lighting is an often-overlooked and underrated home design trend. It can be used in so many ways to brighten up your home and add light where you need it. The best part is that it’s not expensive, and you can install it yourself fairly easily! Here are just some reasons why you should consider using track lighting in your home
Efficient – Track lights create high wattage light bulbs with minimal power consumption; they’re especially good for those who want to save money on their electricity bill.
Flexible – You can adjust the direction of the lights or even change the bulb type depending on what you’re doing or how much light you need.
Durable – With its long life, low energy consumption and easy installation, track lighting makes for an efficient long-term investment in your home that won’t disappoint when it comes to saving money on your electricity bill over time.

5) Tufted Furniture

There is no denying that tufted furniture is one of the most popular home design trends. Some people might argue that it’s overdone, but this type of furniture is practical and will last longer than other types. Furthermore, the material is more durable and feels more luxurious than others. For those who are worried about tufted furniture being too formal, it can also be fun if you choose an innovative color or pattern to add some personality to your space.
There is no denying that tufted furniture is one of the most popular home design trends. Some people might argue that this type of furniture is overdone but it’s practical and will last longer than other types.

6) Faux Wood Finishes

Faux wood finishes have been around for decades, but it seems like they’re just now starting to get some traction. This trend is perfect for those looking to add texture and depth without the cost or upkeep.
Faux wood finishes are durable. This is one of the best parts about this finish, because you don’t have to worry about your furniture being damaged from spills or pet accidents. However, if it does happen (which it will) then you can simply wipe the area clean and be on your way! They’re affordable. A faux wood finish can be as low as $200 depending on how large your project is, which makes them an attractive option when it comes to home design trends. They’re easy to apply.

7) Floral Upholstery

What was once considered trendy or funky can quickly become the new norm and what was once popular or trendy can quickly become outdated. In some cases, home design trends that were once popular are now unpopular and people who like them are defending them. Floral upholstery is one example of this. It’s been on the scene since the 1920s but it’s fallen out of popularity more recently. However, if you’re someone who loves floral upholstery, don’t be afraid to defend your preference! There are plenty of great reasons why people may choose floral upholstery for their home designs. Here are some reasons to defend this unpopular home design trend:
Homeowners with high ceilings or large rooms often opt for floral patterns because they add texture and dimension to an otherwise boring room. Floral patterns make an otherwise drab space look cheerful, which is perfect for homes with small children as well as homes where the owners have a childlike personality themselves. Since most modern furniture has straight lines, adding something with curves such as flowers in their own pattern makes a space look more inviting and welcoming.

8) Gingham

Gingham is one of the most popular home design trends these days. It’s used in everything from window treatments to pillows, but it can also be used in more unexpected ways, like on an old chair. The pattern can have a timeless feel or look very modern depending on the color palette you choose. There are so many reasons to love gingham that it doesn’t make sense not to include it in your home.

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