Railcard Benefits: How to Save and Explore More with Trainline

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of railcards, you’ll need to know about them sooner rather than later—they’re making their way into many train lines around the world, so your travel options are about to change for the better! With so many railcards available, though, it can be hard to know which one is right for you, and when you should use it. This blog will help you sort through all the different types of railcards, and show you how to use them effectively with Trainline so that you can get the most out of your journey!

What is a Railcard?

If you’re a frequent train traveler in Great Britain, you may have heard of railcards. But what exactly are they? Railcards are cards that offer a discount on train tickets for specific categories of people; different railcards will offer varying discounts. For example, some railcards can be used by students who have just turned 16 or by senior citizens (aged 60 or over). Other cards are available to those who travel frequently in off-peak hours or even annual season ticket holders. Railcards can be expensive but they can also save you up to 1/3 on your next journey! If you think a railcard might benefit you, it’s worth investing in one that’s right for your lifestyle and work schedule.

This railcard offers discounts of one-third on all train tickets across Great Britain. You can use your railcard when booking online or at station ticket offices, so it’s a great way to save money when traveling by train.

Aimed at ages 16-25
Adequate for Teens, students, graduates, and professionals-aged college grads.
Available for 1 or 3 years.
Get £20 off with a 3-year Railcard
Virtual or downloadable only- Railcards reside in your account in the Trainline app and you can use them on any of your compatible devices. You won’t need download codes anymore!
This card is specifically designed for people over 60. It offers a third off all rail fares on off-peak services, and a 60% discount on standard anytime fares.
Suitable for those 60 and up
Purchase Great Britain train tickets with a 1/3 discount.
Great for…
In short, retirees, grandparents, and seniors.
an option of 1- or 3-year validity is available.
Take 20 pounds off the price of your rail ticket if you get a 3-year Railcard.
Online only
Your digital Railcard can be found in the account section of the Trainline app, and because it’s digital, you won’t need a paper copy to use your discount! Use your Railcard on any of your compatible devices with no need for download codes.
The 26-30 railcard offers discounted train travel for eligible cardholders. To take advantage of its benefits, you must book your tickets online at least 24 hours in advance, while a minimum fare requirement applies.
People who are between the ages of 26 and 30
You get 1/3 off trains in Britain with a minimum fare.
Good for
Individuals who fall under the Millennial, graduate, and young professional labels
Only digital.
Railcards exist in your account on the Trainline app so you can use them on any compatible device. No download codes are necessary!

A 16-17 Saver is available for young people, aged 16–17, who live in England. With a 16-17 Saver you can save a third off train tickets if you are aged between 16 and 17.
For ages 16-17
Ppassengers get a 50% discount on most tickets, including seasons
Great for:
School and college students
Digital only
Railcards live in your account in the Trainline app so you can use them on any of your compatible devices. No download codes are needed!

Railcards by group

Railcards are a great way for couples, families, or small groups to save money on rail travel. There are several types of these cards available, so be sure you’re using them correctly. To get all you can out of your railcard, here’s what you need to know about using them by the group. Each card varies in terms of how many people can use it at once, as well as its minimum age must-have. Group-based Railcards are perfect for friends, couples, and family members. You don’t need to be related or in a relationship to get a Senior Railcard. They are a good option for anyone aged 31-59 and also offer discounts on child fares.
     Necessary to travel together
you and a companion will get 1/3 off on travel when you are traveling together. Terms and conditions apply.
You must be 16 or older.
Things that are good for
As friends, couples, roommates, or colleagues who regularly travel together
E-book only
With Railcards, you can load the offer into your account in the Trainline app, then enjoy it on any of your compatible devices, without the need for download codes.
Will accommodate up to four adults and four children aged 5-15.
If they’re buying at least one adult and one child’s ticket, adults can get a discount, but there is also a child’s discount as well. There are stipulations.
Great for those looking for
Anybody who travels with kids- not required to be a parent.
1- or 3-year availability
£20 off for 3 years of Railcard
Hard copy unavailable
Railcards reside in your account so that you can use them with any of your compatible devices. You don’t need a download code!

Railcards by region

Regional Railcards only apply to specific areas in Britain, with the exception of the Network Railcard, which is currently available as a digital Railcard. You’ll be able to explore the Network Railcard area — 16 counties across the South East, including London — at a discount.

To Travelers in Southern England
Purchase one travel product at the normal rate and get 1/3 off your next purchase of a travel product after 10:00 am (on weekdays and all times on weekends and public holidays). Travel in the Network Railcard area is valid.
Providing a place for up to four adults and four children aged 5-15.
Children will receive a 60% discount
If you want
Inhabitants of London who use public transport
Internet-based only
Unlike with some other apps, Railcards are available right in your Trainline account. There’s no need to get any downloads codes!

Other Railcards

Not all railcards are created equal. If you’re planning a big trip, one of your top considerations is likely cost. If so, it might be worthwhile to check out a number of different railcards before settling on one that works for you.

Get a discount of 1/3 on all train tickets
Traveling with a third adult? He or she will get a 1/3 discount on rail fare.
Good for
When travelling by train, people with disabilities face difficult circumstances. Documentation of eligibility applies.
This product is not currently available for purchase on Trainline. We are currently working on the ability to verify eligibility. While you wait, you can order a Disabled Persons Railcard online.


Find great deals on rail travel!
If you are travelling with another person, one named adult will get 1/3 off their rail fare and 60% of child fares for up to 4 children.
one- or three-year validity
When you buy a 3-year Railcard, you save £20.
These fish are good for
Proof of eligibility applies to United Kingdom’s veterans and merchant mariners.
Available only to those eligible to purchase with Trainline. We are in the process of enabling the verification process. Meanwhile, to purchase a Veterans Railcard, you can apply online.

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