Neonet Electronics: Household Appliances for a Connected Home

Neonet Electronics offers an entire line of high quality household appliances that are integrated with technology to make life easier. Their products include smart washing machines, dishwashers, and vacuums that can be controlled from your smartphone or voice-activated through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With their technology, you don’t need to worry about when you started your laundry or if you turned off the lights—you can just tell your appliance what to do and it will automatically follow the instructions.

What is Neonet?

Neonet is an electronics company with expertise in home appliances. They have three product lines The following can be found on their site: Neonet Electronics, Neonet Computers, and Neonet Watches. These are available to view online as well as in person at showrooms in New York City and London.

Neonet Computers utilize wireless technology to display information on your computer screen, while you work. Their products overlap, but they are all unique to one degree or another. It will act as if you have three computers, so if you have three computers, they will work like one supercomputer with access to all three computers’ resources at the same time.

Rather than requiring conventional batteries, Neonet electronics run on kinetic energy—the physical energy you create during mundane tasks like eating or playing a video game. You can save money on batteries and use them throughout your activities because you won’t need to change them, and also, their electronics are lit by LEDs, which are brighter and last longer than traditional light bulbs. You can live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle by switching to LEDs.

Smart Watches

Neonet is changing the game when it comes to smart watches. They are trying to create an affordable smart watch that offers more than just texts and email. Their watches can track your fitness, remind you of appointments, and more. If you’re looking for a new watch that will help you keep connected, check out Neonet watches!

Neonet has created what some are calling smartwatches for millennials. These affordable devices, although not perfect, can make a huge difference in how you stay connected. Neonet is designed to help you stay connected to friends and family. These watches will help you keep on top of appointments, events, and everything else life throws at you. They also offer fitness tracking so that you can achieve your goals without breaking your budget! Are these watches without flaws? No – but they do offer a lot of value at an affordable price! Are they perfect? Not really – but if I’m being honest, no smartwatch on today’s market is 100% perfect!


When it comes to food preservation, the refrigerator is the most important appliance in your kitchen. This is where all of your dairy products and meat will be kept, providing you with healthy meals. Neonet refrigerators are not just another appliance that does one thing. The latest models are able to be controlled by an app on your smart device so you can keep track of what’s inside without ever opening the door. That way, you’ll know if you need to buy more milk and butter on the way home from work. Neonet refrigerators also have an alarm that will notify you when something has been left open too long or if the temperature is too high or low.

Smart Phone

The Neonet Smart Watch is the first watch in the world to have an integrated mobile phone, running on Android Wear. The watch has been designed with an intuitive interface, so that it can be used without ever needing to pull out your phone. It comes with features such as; GPS navigation, Voice Command, Remote Camera Control and Gesture Control.

The Neonet mobile is just as smart, but it comes in handy when you’re on-the-go and need to make calls. The battery life is incredibly efficient, meaning you can go weeks without needing to charge your phone again. It can also be used for taking pictures and with Bluetooth connectivity, it also has hands free calling capabilities.
It is so well designed that it will easily fit into your pocket or purse and hardly weigh anything at all! All of these features are available in one smart phone that allows you to stay connected without giving up your entire life. In fact, the portable device works with a number of other technologies to enhance your living experience, so wherever you go, Neonet electronics will make life easier!

Smart hold appliances

Neonet’s smart home appliances allow you to check your food’s cooking progress without opening the oven door, and they make it possible to prepare healthier meals. The company also offers an app that lets you control your Neonet electronics with an integrated touchpad.

With its smart home appliances, Neonet makes it possible to keep an eye on your food from anywhere. Its collection of products includes ovens and microwaves that have an LCD touchpad that works like a smartphone touchscreen. The integrated timer enables you to select any cooking mode before taking care of other tasks; when it’s time to remove your dish from the microwave or oven, you can do so without touching any part of it by simply using your Neonet smartt watch.

With neonet app, you can easily browse your favorite cookbooks from anywhere. All you need is to tap on a recipe of your choice and let it guide you through each step of preparation. Your kitchen’s most important appliance will be able to take care of its operation by itself, so you’ll have more time for family activities. In addition, our apps come with built-in instructions on how to repair Neonet electronics.

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