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With summer finally here, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to get the perfect summer body! The quickest way to reach your fitness goals? A summer sale at Myprotein! You can save up to 70% on our top-selling products, so you’ll have all the motivation you need to commit to your summer fitness goals and stay on track through the dog days of summer. From protein powder and bars to vitamins and clothing, we have everything you need to get your best summer body yet! Shop at Myprotein today for massive savings on all your workout essentials!


Protein Bars & Snacks

Easily digestible, these are great for a pre-workout snack or just to keep you going between meals. With a host of different flavors, including chocolate, wafer, and sugar-free syrup, there’s something for everyone.
For a post-workout refuel, or when you need a mid-day pick-me-up, stop by for healthier snacking options and high-protein foods.
Protein bars can be an easy way to provide carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals, to be used as snacks or eaten before, during, or after workouts.

Protein Brownie - 12 x 75g - ChocolateNutritional Information 

Per 100g Per Bar (75g)
Energy 1600 kJ/383 kcal 1200 kJ/287 kcal
Fat 13 g 9.7 g
of which saturates 5.7 g 4.2 g
Carbohydrate 35 g 27 g
of which sugars 5.3 g 4.0 g
Fibre 2.7 g 2.0 g
Protein 30 g 23 g
Salt 0.40 g 0.30 g

Protein Powders

Whether you’re looking to increase your daily protein intake or hoping to replace a meal, protein powders offer a convenient and easy way to add more grams of protein into your diet. While most of us are accustomed to seeing whey and casein in our fridge at home, alternative plant-based proteins have become increasingly popular as food intolerances have risen in recent years. In fact, one study found that veganism has grown by 350% since 2014.

If you’re looking for quality protein supplements, go here for a wide range of high-protein shakes, powders, and blends.
The goal of Myprotein is to be sure that there are all sorts of protein products, each suited to the needs of their customers. Want a protein shake with a higher protein content? Their Protein Isolate Powders list will offer options from dairy to plant-based proteins, giving you variety in your shakes.

Impact Whey Protein - 250g - Chocolate Brownie

Nutritional Information

Per 100g Per Serving (25g)
Energy 1586 kJ/379 kcal 397 kJ/95 kcal
Fat 6.7 g 1.7 g
of which saturates 4.0 g 1.0 g
Carbohydrate 7.3 g 1.8 g
of which sugars 5.5 g 1.4 g
Protein 72 g 18 g
Salt 0.50 g 0.13 g

Myprotein Clear Protein    Myprotein

Vitamins Capsules

Whether you’re looking to boost your energy levels for workouts or just need a little extra support, Vitamin Capsules from MyProtein is perfect for you. Containing a huge host of vitamins and minerals in one convenient capsule, they’re sure to help kick start your healthy lifestyle. You can get these vitamin capsules in the form of Gummies, Omega 3, Collagen, and Drinks.

Multivitamin Gummies - 30gummies - Strawberry

Nutritional Information

Per Daily Serving 1 Gummy
Vitamin C 40 mg (50%*)
Vitamin E 6.7 mg a-TE (56%*)
Pantothenic Acid 1.5 mg (25%*)
Vitamin B6 0.5 mg (36%*)
Vitamin A 300 µg RE (38%*)
Folic Acid 120 µg (60%*)
Biotin 30 µg (60%*)
Iodine 20 µg (13%*)
Inositol 10 µg
Vitamin D 5 µg (100%*)
Vitamin B12 2 µg (80%*)

Vegan Food

Diet is becoming increasingly popular and veganism is no exception. Many people are turning to a diet free of animal products in order to maintain an environmentally-friendly lifestyle or for animal rights reasons. As well as being better for your body, many vegans claim that such a diet leads to better concentration levels, makes them feel healthier and more energetic, leads to clearer skin, and prevents illness caused by contaminated animal products.
You can explore My protein’s vegan range named My Vegan in which you will find tasty vegan protein blends along with delicious plant-based snacks that will satisfy your cravings — they have got what you’re looking for to suit your plant-based diet.


Clear Vegan Protein - 20servings - Pineapple & Grapefruit

Nutritional Information

Typical Values 100g contains A serving contains
Energy 1452kJ / 357kcal 232kJ / 57kcal
Fat 0g 0g
of which saturates 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 17g 2.7g
of which sugars 6.2g 1.0g
Fibre 0.9g 0g
Protein 63g 10g
Salt 3.00g 0.48g
Vitamins and Minerals
Biotin 156μg
Folic Acid 625μg
Niacin 50mg
Pantothenic acid 19mg
Riboflavin 4.4mg
Thiamin 3.4mg
Vitamin B12 7.8μg
Vitamin B6 4.4mg
NRV=Nutrient Reference Value


If you’re an athlete and you want to get your body fat levels down, creatine is one of the most effective supplements you can take. It’s also a safer option than many other bodybuilding supplements out there, as studies have shown that long-term use of creatine has no harmful side effects on muscle or organs.
Creatine is an excellent sports supplement that improves physical performance in quick and repeated bouts of short-term, high-intensity exercise.

Creatine Monohydrate Powder - 250g - Unflavoured

Nutritional Information


Serving Size – 1 Scoop (3g)

Servings Per Container – 83 (250g), 166 (500g), 333 (1kg)

Per serving (3g)
Creatine Monohydrate 3 g


Gyming Clothing

As we move into summer, you may be thinking about heading down to your local gym or college for a workout. Before you start exercising, it’s important to have all of your gym clothing prepared and ready. That way, you can head straight to working out when that is something that’s going to happen—in other words, if you don’t have all of your workout attire ready in advance, it may be hard for you to get yourself down to work out.

Whether you are training in the gym or chilling on your rest day, our best-selling sportswear helps provide a perfect fit, so you look and feel your best during and after.
You will find it in a variety of colors, materials, and styles, and it is sure to suit everybody.

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