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Vegas.com was founded in 1998 in Las Vegas and offers exclusive travel deals and rates to this city. They provide discounted hotels, show tickets, and various excursions, just to name a few. Las Vegas is a tourist site and not a more reputable member of the Greenspun Corporation. Here are five reasons why you should use vegas.com when planning your next trip to Sin City!

1) Stay at the best hotels

Not all hotels are created equal, which is why it’s important to book at one of the city’s best. The casinos and resorts that dot The Strip and the downtown area—in particular—are among some of the finest on earth, so you should make sure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable.

The quality of your hotel is more than just a question of facilities and amenities; it also plays a role in how safe you feel. If you book at one of Vegas’s many impressive hotels, you can rest assured that many have been awarded AAA Five Diamond status and ranked among Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Hotel. Some of these world-class hotels are quite affordable too.

By booking through vegas.com you can get great offers and deals on the best hotels and resorts in Vegas.


Save on tickets now! Las Vegas is full of big-name shows, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to find deals. They are proud to offer a variety of ways you can save on your next favorite show in Las Vegas. Try the vegas.com deals page now and don’t forget to check back throughout your stay as they continually update their special offers. You can also check out a wide selection of shows with their Show Packages feature! Just choose your time and place, and the number of tickets and you’ll be instantly presented with all available options near you.






With Vegas.com it’s so simple and makes planning your night out in Las Vegas a breeze. Just enter your details when making a booking, save yourself time and get straight back to explore Sin City! They promise that all their listed events are real, no fake dates or places here. So explore now as we’re sure you’ll love what they have on offer.

3) Find activities and experiences in Las Vegas

Once you have your hotel booked, you’ll need to figure out what there is to do on a trip. From bars and restaurants to nightclubs and shows—the options are seemingly endless in Sin City. If you’re going all-in with your Vegas trip, plan ahead. No matter where you stay in Las Vegas, it’s worth it to book at least one activity beforehand. That way, when you get there, all you have left is to put on your fancy outfit and order bottle service. (And if that doesn’t sound like a Vegas experience…what does?) Vegas. com can help by showing off experiences from local users who’ve already been where you want to go so they can show you how much fun it is.

Many of your activities will be selected based on where you stay, but some destinations within Vegas have unique experiences that don’t exist anywhere else.Vegas.com goal is to help all visitors make their Las Vegas dreams come true (maybe they’re visiting from out of town or just want a change from casinos and nightclubs).

4) Get great Attraction deals

Attractions in Las Vegas are great, but if you’re looking for budget-friendly options, you’re in luck! There are tons of free things to do in Las Vegas that don’t involve gambling, heavy drinking, or shopping. If you head over at night (7 pm-midnight), you’ll be treated to a dazzling light show set to popular music and located just outside one of our city’s most impressive open spaces.


Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family trip, or something for you and your friends, keep in mind that Las Vegas is full of activities both on and off The Strip. There are things to do no matter how much money you want to spend; just remember to choose wisely when gambling if it’s not your thing. By vegas.com your needs will be taken care of, so check out their sites and deals if you’re ready to plan your next trip.

5) Schedule your trip with ease

Vegas.com streamline trip planning. If you don’t mind letting someone else do some of your legwork, then Vegas.com is a great option because they’ll handle most of your trip planning. They allow you to save information on trips that you want to take in the future so that you can easily plan out your next big adventure. You can also sign up for alerts about deals or changes so, you’ll never miss out on another amazing deal.
And, if you’re planning a trip with friends or family, you can all chip in and share expenses. No one has to pay for everything by themselves. This saves time and effort and money – it makes sense for everyone. Plus, if something goes wrong during your trip you don’t have to worry about how you will split up who is going to pay what amount because each person booked their own room so it’s already taken care of.

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