Disney Adults Who Caused A Stir This Month

Over the past few weeks, there have been plenty of attention-grabbing headlines surrounding the entertainment company, Disney. From the controversy over their upcoming streaming service to major role announcements and more, here are the top Disney adults that have caused quite a stir this month. (To be considered an adult in this list, they had to be 18 or older.)

1) Elsa from Frozen

This month, Elsa from Frozen has been getting a lot of attention. As a beloved character from the Disney universe, fans were thrilled to see her making an appearance in Ralph Breaks the Internet. But it’s not just her appearance that’s been catching everyone’s attention. Fans have noticed that Elsa has been appearing in more and more places, which means she is quickly becoming one of the most popular Disney characters of all time.
Elsa’s role in Ralph Breaks the Internet was especially exciting for fans, as it marked the first time she was featured in a full-length feature film outside of the Frozen universe. Her new look, complete with a signature cape and blue dress, has become an instant hit. Fans of all ages have been donning capes and dressing up like Elsa, showing off their newfound love for this iconic Disney character.
It’s easy to see why Elsa has gained so much attention this month. With her newfound presence in the Disney universe, there’s no telling what exciting things are in store for her next.

2) Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast caused quite a stir this month. After Disney released the live-action remake of the classic movie, fans have been speculating about how the character would be portrayed. Many were hoping for a more sympathetic version of Gaston, while others hoped he would remain the same as in the original cartoon.
However, despite the expectations of the fans, Gaston was actually quite different in the remake. His character arc was much more fleshed out, with a backstory that explained why he was so desperate to win over Belle’s affections. He was also less one-dimensional, with moments of both humor and pathos. In the end, his story ended in tragedy, but it gave viewers a glimpse into the complexity of Gaston’s character.
No matter what your opinion is of Gaston, one thing is certain: his portrayal in the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake has caused a lot of conversation. Whether you love him or hate him, Gaston has definitely made an impact on the Disney world this month!

3) Hades from Hercules

Hades, the Lord of the Dead from Hercules, is one of Disney’s most memorable villains. He has been a fan favorite ever since the movie released in 1997, with his dark sense of humor and devious personality. This month, Hades has been thrust into the spotlight due to his recent debut in Disney’s Kingdom Hearts III video game.
In the game, Hades takes on the role of a teacher for Sora and his friends. While it’s a far cry from the devilish character he was in the film, Hades still manages to be as entertaining as ever. He bickers with his brother Zeus about how to handle Sora’s team, and he also provides plenty of comedic relief when things get too serious.
While Hades’ appearance in Kingdom Hearts III certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed, it’s still a reminder of how amazing the original movie was. Even after all these years, Hades remains one of the most iconic villains in Disney history and his popularity is still strong.

4) Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid certainly caused a stir this month. The sea witch has been the focus of discussion for many reasons, from her strong and empowering personality to her new look in the upcoming live-action remake.
First, let’s talk about Ursula’s personality. She is a powerful character who isn’t afraid to get what she wants. Ursula is confident and commands respect, which makes her a great role model for adults. She also has a strong sense of justice, which is why she has become a beloved villain in the Disney universe.
Next, let’s discuss Ursula’s new look. In the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, Ursula will be played by actress/singer Queen Latifah. This announcement has caused quite a stir, as some fans are unhappy with the choice while others are praising it. Queen Latifah brings a new energy to the role, and she is sure to bring her own unique style and flair to Ursula’s iconic look.
Ursula has certainly made waves this month. Her strong personality and exciting new look have captured the attention of Disney fans everywhere. It will be interesting to see how Queen Latifah brings Ursula to life in the live-action remake!

5) Scar from The Lion King

This month, one Disney adult who caused a stir is Scar from The Lion King. In the movie, Scar is Mufasa’s brother and Simba’s uncle. After his brother’s death, Scar takes over as King of Pride Rock and causes terror throughout the kingdom. His cold and manipulative personality along with his power hungry ways make him one of Disney’s most feared villains.
Scar’s menacing nature and ability to manipulate those around him made him a force to be reckoned with. His plans of taking over the kingdom as well as his ambitions to kill Simba made him an intimidating presence that could not be overlooked.
As much as Scar was reviled by many, he also had fans who admired his ambition and strategies. His sinister charm caught the attention of many viewers who marveled at his cunning nature and evil machinations.
Scar’s popularity even led to him getting his own spin-off movie in the form of The Lion King 1 1/2.

6) Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog

Dr. Facilier from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog has recently caused a stir among Disney fans. This sinister villain has been seen everywhere in the past month, with merchandise featuring him on everything from T-shirts to mugs.
Dr. Facilier is a unique villain, as he uses voodoo magic and supernatural forces to try to obtain power and money. His devious schemes often come close to succeeding, as he almost manages to outwit the protagonists. He also uses his magical abilities to create terrifying illusions to fool and manipulate people into doing what he wants them to do.
Dr. Facilier’s influence has been felt far and wide, inspiring merchandise, artwork, and cosplays alike. Many people are fascinated by his mysterious nature and captivating performance in The Princess and the Frog. His chilling presence has inspired countless fans to recreate him for their own amusement. Whether you love or hate Dr. Facilier, it’s clear that he is one of Disney’s most memorable villains this month!

7) Mother Gothel from Tangled

This month, Mother Gothel from the hit Disney movie Tangled made a huge splash in the Disney universe. From the moment she was first introduced, audiences around the world were enthralled by her character. She is a strong-willed, independent woman who puts her own needs above all else, despite the fact that she is the villain of the movie. Her arc throughout the film is both heartbreaking and inspiring, and it’s no surprise that fans have latched onto her as one of their favorite Disney villains.
Throughout the movie, Mother Gothel uses manipulation and fear to maintain control over Rapunzel and keep her locked away in a tower. However, she eventually learns that love and understanding are more powerful than control and fear, ultimately redeeming herself by the end of the movie. Her transition from villain to hero is one of the most powerful moments in Disney’s history, and one that will stay with fans for years to come.
Although Mother Gothel is not the typical Disney adult that we usually see in movies, she has captivated audiences around the world with her strength and perseverance. Whether you love or hate her, it’s hard to deny that Mother Gothel has left a lasting impression on the Disney universe.

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