Celebrities Who Love to Bake: See Who Surprises You!

It may come as a surprise, but many celebrities love to bake! From TV stars to pop singers, baking has become a favorite hobby for many celebs. Whether it’s a tasty dessert or a savory side dish, these famous faces have a passion for whipping up something delicious in the kitchen. Read on to discover celebrities who love to bake, and find out which famous faces have been surprising us with their baking skills!

1) Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of the top celebrities who love to bake. In fact, her passion for baking began at a young age and has become a major part of her life. Aniston has even shared some of her favorite recipes in interviews, including her signature triple-chocolate chip cookies. She’s also known for her infamous banana bread, which she has been baking since the early days of her Friends fame. Jennifer is often seen baking with her husband, Justin Theroux, as well as other close friends. Her baking skills have been put to good use over the years, too: she once made a cake for Julia Roberts’ birthday and has also donated her treats to various charities. From cookies to cakes, there’s no denying that Jennifer Aniston is one of the top celebrity bakers!

2) Blake Lively

When it comes to celebrities who love to bake, there’s one name that stands out—Blake Lively. The star of Gossip Girl and The Age of Adaline has developed a real passion for baking over the years and loves to share her creations with friends and family.
Lively first discovered her love of baking in 2011, when she baked a cake for a friend’s birthday. She was so proud of the result that she shared photos of the cake on Twitter and Instagram, and quickly gained a following of baking enthusiasts.
Since then, Lively has become a passionate baker and has become known for her creative and delicious creations. She’s tried everything from cupcakes and cookies to pies and breads, and recently shared photos of a stunning multi-tiered cake she made for her daughter’s first birthday.
Whether it’s trying something new or perfecting an old favorite, Lively loves being in the kitchen, creating sweet treats for herself and others. If you’re looking for some baking inspiration, be sure to check out Blake Lively’s Instagram for some amazing recipes and delicious visuals!

3) Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is an actress and a producer who has been in the entertainment business for decades. She’s starred in a number of beloved movies, such as The Mask, Charlie’s Angels, and Shrek, and is known for her comedic timing and energetic performances.
But what many people don’t know is that Cameron also loves to bake! She’s a big fan of baking cupcakes, cakes, and other desserts, and has even been known to host baking parties at her home. Cameron loves to experiment with different recipes, especially those that are gluten-free or vegan. She’s shared some of her favorites with her fans, like her famous cinnamon roll recipe.
Cameron is passionate about baking and loves to share her favorite recipes with friends and family. Her enthusiasm for the craft is infectious, and it’s no wonder why she’s become an inspiration for amateur bakers everywhere!

4) Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is an Academy Award-winning actress and food aficionado who loves to bake! She has a website called GOOP, where she shares her delicious recipes with the world. From brownies to crème brûlée, Gwyneth is always experimenting in the kitchen. She even wrote a cookbook called My Father’s Daughter, which includes some of her favorite recipes. When she’s not busy on set or working on her website, you can find her perfecting her baking skills in her kitchen. In an interview, Gwyneth said she loves baking because it’s a creative outlet for her and it’s a great way to bond with friends and family. If you’re looking for a delicious treat, Gwyneth’s creations are sure to hit the spot.

5) Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson may be known for her singing and acting career, but she also has a hidden talent in the kitchen! The star loves to bake and recently shared photos of some of her delicious creations on Instagram. Simpson loves making classic desserts like chocolate chip cookies and banana bread, as well as more elaborate cakes and pies. In addition to showing off her baking skills on social media, she also wrote about them in her 2020 memoir Open Book. In it, she details how she became a master baker and shares the recipes for some of her favorite treats. Whether it’s just for her family or for special occasions, Jessica Simpson’s love for baking makes us all want to try our hand at creating something sweet in the kitchen!

6) Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is one celebrity who loves to bake! The Australian supermodel is an avid baker and has even created her own healthy baking cookbook, titled Treats. In the cookbook, Kerr shares her favorite recipes for sweet treats that are both delicious and nutritious.
Kerr loves to make homemade desserts for her family and friends. She prefers to bake with organic ingredients, as she believes that it’s important to eat food that is both healthy and tasty. Her cookbook includes recipes for cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and bars.
Kerr’s baking skills have become so popular that she has even been featured in many cooking magazines. Her recipes are great for anyone who loves to bake but wants to stay away from unhealthy ingredients. If you’re looking to surprise your friends and family with some delicious treats, Miranda Kerr’s Treats is the perfect cookbook!

7) Sofia Vergara

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is an actress and television personality. But what many don’t know is that she also loves to bake! Vergara often posts pictures of her homemade desserts on social media and even has a blog dedicated to all things food and cooking. She’s expressed her passion for baking on several occasions, saying that it allows her to get creative in the kitchen and make something unique. The Colombian-born star has been known to whip up a variety of baked goods, ranging from cakes and pies to cookies and cupcakes. Whether you’re looking for some new recipes or just want to get a glimpse into her life, Vergara’s culinary blog is definitely worth a read!

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