Dangers of Rhinoplasty
Dangers of Rhinoplasty

This Is The Most Dangerous Plastic Surgery That Exists

More and more people are changing what they don’t like about their bodies, and if they can change, why not as long as it’s in a safe way? Nowadays, there are even television programs that fix the operations that went wrong. Any surgery is complicated, and plastics are also. With the death of a patient in Miami, the risks that come with this surgery were analyzed.
The most dangerous thing is to remove fats from other areas of the body and place them on the buttocks to shape and enlarge their size or shape. And for it to be successful, fat grafting requires significant hydration, which is why it is usually injected into tissue that has a blood supply.
The fat could have been injected in another location, but the risk of absorption is 90%, so the place where it is injected so that the fat does not move is the muscle, and this is where the risk and danger of plastic surgery is.
What makes it the most dangerous is that a mistake made can lead the patient to death or cause him to have really serious problems. One of these problems can be embolism. Embolism is identified as a major cause of death in plastic surgery. And if the injected fat reaches the bloodstream, it can block a vessel, and if it reaches the lungs, it blocks the entrance of air and the brain, causing a stroke.
Another factor that makes surgery increase your risk is the amount of fat injected. The maximum would be 300 milliliters, but there are surgeons who put larger amounts up to a liter. In 2017, a survey interviewed 692 surgeons to determine the mortality rate of patients who underwent this surgery. They said that in their careers, they saw 32 cases of death from embolism and 103 cases that had no fatal results but serious damage. But these numbers can be much higher because not all are reported.
Patients who intend to undergo surgery should be aware of the risks and think carefully if the case is purely aesthetic. And it must be taken into account that the risks outweigh the benefits.…