Bali, The Land of god: A travelogue


When people think of Bali, they often conjure up images of white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and swaying palm trees. The stunning island of Indonesia seems like paradise on earth, and so it has been nicknamed the Island of the Gods by its native inhabitants. But all these sights aren’t just postcard-worthy backdrops; they’re reason enough to visit this magnificent place in person! Take a look at our travelogue from Bali and see what you can expect to find there!


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The whole world is a beautiful place but some places on earth are more beautiful and soothing than others. These places act as a sort of sanctuary or heaven where you can get close to nature. The land we are talking about is Bali in Indonesia. It has very scenic locations which would be suitable for honeymooning and family outings. Here we talk about some famous tourist destinations in Bali which have been drawing people to come over there for years now!

Balian River – One of the famous tourist destinations in Bali is Balian River. It is formed by merging three small rivers and it flows down gently from Lake Beratan to Lake Buyan before it empties into Java Sea. This river has come to be a paradise for water sports as well as other recreational activities like kayaking and rafting. Honeymooners can enjoy their time at one such beach resort which has been set up on banks of Balian River.

Kintamani Volcano- The Kintamani Volcano located in Gianyar regency is another beautiful place which serves tourists with awe-inspiring view on regular basis.

Tanah Lot Temple- One of the most stunning tourist destinations in Indonesia is Tanah Lot Temple. Located in Tabanan regency and just off the coast, it is linked to land by a causeway. It’s said that if you have your wedding photos taken here, you will have lifelong happiness and prosperity. That’s why people throng here even today to take their wedding pictures.

Mount Batur- This is a dormant volcano which has great recreational amenities. Tourists can hike and cycle, as well as paraglide to get there. On a clear day, you can get beautiful views of Kintamani Volcano from here. So come soon! Let’s start packing to go see some beautiful tourist spots in Bali!

Culture and language

Sofitel's New 'Cultural Experience' Program Brings You Closer to Bali -  NOW! BaliBali is more than just a tourist attraction, as it is home to one of Hinduism’s holiest sites, Besakih Temple in Besakih Village at Batur Sari District on the eastern part of Bali Island. The main attraction of Besakih Temple, or Pura Penataran Agung Jagatkarta locally, is a three-tiered tower which measures 46 meters high. Within the tower there are many lingas and other shrines which represent elements such as Lord Shiva and Brahma that are associated with nature and thought to cleanse the soul.

What Language Is Spoken in Bali? Useful Words and Phrases for Tourists

The Balinese language is also an important aspect of Bali’s culture. As a result of Dutch colonization in Indonesia, most Balinese people today are fluent in Indonesian as well as their native language. Younger generations and tourists usually know their native languages, but older villagers usually speak their native languages as well as Indonesian and often English or Japanese, the latter for international work or work in other countries. Most young people who attend school after finishing junior high school have the option to continue studying either in neighboring countries or further abroad on larger islands such as Java.
Due to religious and cultural beliefs, tourists are advised not to dress too scantily when visiting religious sites or festivals with high attendance rates of locals or Balinese Hindu priests.

Weather and geography

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Bali is a small island that can be reached by a flight from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. It’s easily accessible and a wonderful honeymoon place in south east Asia because it has everything to offer a holiday maker. No matter what your fancy is Bali has something to offer you. Whether it be trekking through green hills, watering palms in Ubud or surfing one of world’s best waves near Uluwatu Bali has no lack of beautiful sceneric beauty that draws tourists from all over. In fact if it’s nature you’re looking for there are few places on earth that can compete with Bali as an island paradise!

Bali is a popular tourist destination for a few reasons including it’s inexpensive and easy to get to. There are also many beautiful attractions available for travelers including beaches, waterfalls, and temples. As a matter of fact, there is so much to see in Bali that it is difficult to know where to start! In advance of your Bali trip, make sure you prepare well. To maximize your trip, it’s best to start by figuring out what your preferences are and what sort of holiday experience you’re hoping for (i.e. cultural tours or serene moments). Once you’ve figured that out, make a reservation for your accommodation and buy your tickets.

Interesting attractions

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Ubud is a small town outside Kuta. It is famous for its large production of arts and crafts, and tourist places in Bali will tell you that it is often home to some very interesting attractions. Museums and galleries showcase traditional Balinese art, while open-air dance performances and theatres provide you with an insight into more modern Balinese culture. Cultural festivals and sports events are also very popular here; indeed, whatever time of year you visit Bali, there will be something happening to watch or take part in—from colorful processions during Nyepi day to bullfights during Ramadhan. In fact, these are just two examples of how diverse and intriguing Bali can be—scenic honeymoon place one moment, bustling tourist place the next.

But what sets this island apart from other holiday destinations? Well, firstly, the people. Locals on Bali have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming; unlike many other developing countries where poverty breeds anger and frustration, people living on this island find joy in their lives every day. The god’s land provides everything, and the food is great, too! Offering satay street vendors by night, this island also provides mouthwatering restaurants with seafood (locals) and vegetarian (foreign visitors) menus.

Attractions around Ubud

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Ubud is a town in Bali, an island in Indonesia. Located about 25 miles from Kuta and about 5 miles from Denpasar (the provincial capital), it has a small city population of about 50,000 with around 300,000 people in its surrounding area. It was once famous for being home to many artisans who worked as painters, sculptors, woodcarvers, jewelers and furniture makers but this trade declined after the 1960s. Today it is home to many galleries showcasing both local talent as well as international artists such as Cokorda Gede Agung Saptaji and Nyoman Gunarsa who teach workshops in their studios. You can also visit Pura Dalem Puri, a temple that houses relics and is one of the most popular temples among locals; Jatiluwih rice terraces- which are less than 1 hour away from Ubud and have been featured on postcards since the 1930s; Taro roots- which are deep fried in coconut batter and served like french fries; The Elephant Ride- which will take you on an hour long trek through forests followed by an elephant ride back to your car; among other attractions.

Things to Do in South Bali

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Bali is one of Asia’s most beautiful and culturally unique islands. While it draws countless tourists each year with its wide beaches and breathtaking views, there are many hidden gems that not every visitor finds. Explore these five interesting places in Bali that might just surprise you. Each offers a unique cultural experience for visitors looking to get off the beaten path. For those interested in seeing where famous writers lived and worked during their time on Bali, head to Ubud. It was here that notable writers such as James Michener wrote parts of his book Tales of the South Pacific and Rudyard Kipling penned The Jungle Book. Alternatively, if you have an interest in history from ancient civilizations past then head to Trowulan which was once home to the Majapahit Kingdom; the last great Hindu-Buddhist empire on Java before Europeans arrived in Indonesia.

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