Auto doc engines and filters: What you need to know

Automatic document completion engines (or filters, as they’re sometimes called) are an increasingly popular option for companies looking to streamline their document generation processes and reduce the amount of time they spend on things like completing standard forms and generating reports. But how do they work? And when should you use them? Let’s take a look at auto doc engines to see what you need to know about them before making your decision!

MANN-FILTER HU 726/2 x Oil Filter

When you’re running out of fuel, an air filter that’s clogged with dust, or your engine oil is getting too low for optimal performance, there are specific steps you can take to solve the problem. Whether it’s figuring out where you need an injector replaced, a fuel filter changed, or an oil filter replaced–you need a replacement part that works for your make and model vehicle. MNN-FILTER offers over 1 million different auto parts on their website to help drivers quickly find the perfect part for their vehicle and find the best deals.

Height [mm]: 53
Inside diameter [mm]: 25
I.D. 2[mm]: 25
Filter type: filter cartridge
Item no. recommended tool: LS 7
Diameter [mm]: 64


Oil filters are an essential engine component. It works by removing unwanted particles from the oil, preventing them from entering the engine combustion chamber. If they do enter, they can lead to damaging wear on piston rings and valves. If a vehicle needs an oil change but doesn’t need an air filter or fuel filter replacement, then that is one less part to worry about when installing your MAHLE ORIGINAL OC467 Oil Filter.

Height [mm]: 51.5, 55.0
O-ring diameter [mm]: 61.7, 62.0
Connection thread: M20x1.5
Filter type: spin-on filter
Item no. recommended tool: SCO 1, SCO 7
Supplementary Article: with return stop valve
Diameter [mm]: 75.0, 76.0

MANN-FILTER W 940/25 Oil filter

Oil is one of the most critical aspects of a vehicle’s engine, but it also requires constant monitoring. That’s why we recommend using an oil filter which contains the engine oil and captures contaminants. The filter acts as an injector for lubricating your car or truck’s engine by depositing oil at precise points where friction occurs. In order to ensure you are getting your vehicles with only top-quality filters, Mann filters offers different levels of quality assurance to cover all your needs: Mann Manufacturing Quality Assurance (MQA), Mann Filter Top Team Quality Assurance (QA) Plus Packages, Mann Filter Top Team Quality Assurance (QA) Performance Packages, etc.

Height [mm]: 142
Thread size: 3/4-16 UNF
I.D. 2[mm]: 62
Filter type: spin-on filter
valve opening pressure [bar]: 2.5Item no. recommended tool: LS 9
Supplementary Article : with return stop valve

MANN-FILTER WP 928/80 Oil filter

What is the best oil filter for my car? What type of engine do I have? These are common questions that we get. Our experts here at Mann-Filter will help you find the right oil filter for your vehicle.
Start by determining what type of engine you have in your car. Look up a list of engine codes from your vehicle’s manufacturer on a site like Ask Me! Know Your Car, Car Type Etc, Wikipedia or an auto parts retailer site such as Rock Auto. Knowing what kind of engine you have will tell you which filters you can use in your vehicle and will also allow us to determine if any restrictions are in place for that kind of engine by checking which filters are not compatible with it.

Height [mm]: 126
Thread size: M24X1.5
I.D. 2[mm]: 72
Filter type: spin-on filter
1.0 bar is the bypass valve opening pressure
Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info 2: with return stop valve
Diameter [mm]: 102

VDO A2C9626040080 Injector

With the right vehicle parts, you can fix common issues with your car at home. With Auto Doc Engine, you can easily search for the right car part you need. This website allows people looking for the right parts to find all the information they need on one site, including price and a high-quality photo of what they are purchasing. The company’s Auto Doc filters system helps narrow down a potential list of results by narrowing down searches to only those items that have been verified as meeting specifications set by online shoppers for that particular item.

Supplementary Article :Control unit/software must be updated
Item no. recommended accessory:A2C59516873, 2802002039180
Observe the manufacturer’s instructions
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with seal
Fuel type: Diesel oil

BOSCH 0 986 441 559 Pump-injector unit

The following Bosch pump-injector unit is one of our top sellers. If you’re in the market for a Bosch pump-injector unit, you can’t go wrong with this one. We have auto doc parts professionals on hand at all times who are ready to answer any questions you may have about the quality or functionality of this or any other items on our site. Remember, we’ve got over 1 million products in stock – don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s something else we can help you find!

Of course, it should come as no surprise that this part has been certified by ISO9001/9002 and TUV. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these certifications, they mean that AutoDoc EU guarantees that every single part sold is high-quality and compatible with your vehicle’s make and model so you never run into issues when installing it!

exchange part
Fuel Preparation: Pump/injector unit
BOSCH: Pump-injector unit
Article number: 0 986 441 559
Our price: €580.94
Parts manufacturer: BOSC
EAN numbers: 3165143476284

BOSCH 0 986 435 360 Injector

To remove the injector, use a torque wrench to loosen the bolts that secure it. Loosen the bolt furthest from you first, as this will give you room to move. Reach up through the engine compartment and wrap your fingers around the fuel rail cover. Pull it down gently and then unscrew it. Loosen or tighten your three bolts accordingly with a ratchet until you hear them click into place–don’t over-tighten or you could break one of the fuel lines that run alongside the injectors.

Supplementary Article: with seal ring
exchange part
Fuel Preparation: Common Rail (CR)
BOSCH: Injector
Article number: 0 986 435 360
Our price: €224.36

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