5 Vintage Picks from Vestiaire Collective That Will Up Your Style Game

Are you in the market for some vintage, but don’t know where to look? Perhaps you’ve bought from Vestiaire Collective before and want to explore the other options available on the site. Whatever your reason, it can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to browsing vintage fashion, but fortunately Vestiaire Collective has made that easier with its dedicated Vintage section of the site.

Here you can find classic pieces as well as current styles with a vintage-inspired flair that are all in perfect condition and are ready to wear today.

Designer Bags

When it comes to designer goods, there are only a few brands that immediately come to mind: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, and Chanel. But these days if you want to throw an elegant outfit together that’s unique and fashionable, then you should be looking at other sources. One place, in particular, that’s great for finding high-quality vintage goods is a site called Vestiaire Collective. Here you can find everything from bags and shoes to clothes, accessories, sunglasses, watches, and even jewelry. There are different designers and brands to choose from on Vestiaire Collective, so there’s bound to be something you like at affordable prices that are sometimes even better than their originals. The site offers plenty of opportunities for you to spruce up your wardrobe with some truly unique items without breaking your bank account or sacrificing style in exchange for affordability.

Coats & Jackets 

  Having the right coat or jacket is a simple way to dress up a basic outfit, no matter what your office dress code is. (If you work in a creative field and can get away with it, roll with double-breasted.) There’s just something about jackets and blazers that dresses up even casual looks. If you’re not sure where to start, classic shapes are your best bet: try looking for a black blazer or gray wool jacket. The former is an especially great skinny jeans companion—all you need to complete a chic look is black pants, some killer heels, and striped shirts. A black leather biker jacket will add instant cool points to any style; as will a white trench. Brands like Prada, Burberry, Balenciaga, and Chanel all are available at Vestiaire Collective

Pair of Shoes


Whether it’s a vintage Gucci or Chanel bag investing in high-end shoes that look both new and used is an excellent way to increase your style status. In addition to increasing your sense of fashion-forwardness, having a few pairs of rare shoes in your closet also allows you to break out any time you want something different without shelling out for a whole new outfit. Another benefit? It’s one less thing to worry about—you can leave them at home when you go on vacation or stick them in storage knowing they won’t get damaged. After all, they cost more than most bags on their own! At Vistiaire collective you can get different styles of shoes or boots from big brands like Chanel Cloth trainers Brown, Gucci Leather riding boots Brown, Prada Leather sandal Brown, Gucci Leather Sandals Black, Dior Cloth heels Gold and many more.



The right accessories are often the difference between a good look and a great one. But, finding just one accessory that really knocks your socks off can be frustrating, time-consuming, and even expensive. Luckily, at Vestiaire Collective you can find vintage watches and sunglasses. You’ll have access to over 200 brands of vintage watches (like Rolex and Omega) and sunglasses (like Gucci). Browse through photos of items with filters by brand, style, price range, color, size, or year. The right accessories are often the difference between a good look and a great one. Looking for something more casual, You can Check out hats & belts that are also available and from different brands.


You can explore different style of skirts at Vestiaire Collective that are from different brands like Chanel Leather skirt Green, Dior Wool mid-length skirt Orange ,Dolce & Gabbana Silk mid-length skirt Gold, Hermès Tweed mid-length skirt Brown and many more. The classic midi skirt is undeniably chic, but it doesn’t always go with every type of top. It’s a good look on pants, dresses and blouses alike—but it can clash with loose-fitting tops like oversized sweaters or blouses with flared sleeves. The key to pulling off a midi skirt is to pair it with pieces that fit snugly around your body. This helps create a balanced look, so you don’t end up emphasizing just your waist in an unflattering way. A vintage belt cinches your waist and brings attention back up toward your face; if you want even more coverage, try pairing it with a cropped jacket or shirt. When wearing a longer skirt, also consider playing with proportions by pairing it with short boots or heels for a sassy touch. 

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