Add style and flair to your home with curtains

Ready to add some style and flair to your home? Curtains are the perfect addition to any room in your house. From bedrooms to bathrooms, kitchens to dining rooms, there’s no wrong way to do it, and it’s easy on the wallet! Not only that, but they are a great way to add privacy to your windows while still letting in light, which can be helpful if you need to nap during the day but still want to let the sunshine in! And let’s not forget that curtains help keep out bugs and birds!

Factors to consider when buying curtains

pepper Withhold continue curtain store chemicals Portico To accelerateThere are several factors that you need to keep in mind when buying these drapes. First, consider how much light you want to allow into a room, or how much privacy you wish for. For example, if there is a lot of sunlight coming into a room during the day then you will want drapes that allow light through but are also thick enough to hide those who can see inside.

You may want drapes for both windows, for example, in a bedroom that needs some light during nighttime. You can also use them in an office or other room where privacy is key. If you do plan on having one pair of drapes that does double duty, be sure to take measurements for each window separately so you don’t buy curtains that are too long or short.

Curtain types

Pinch pleat

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This modernized tailoring provides a well-dressed appearance, fitting comfortably in both traditional and contemporary rooms. A heavier weight fabric than usual is required; two and a half times the fullness is needed.


Curtains ideas chosen by our decoration director

A quick and easy option is this heading, unlike the eyelet heading. This one is mounted on a track. Consider lightweight cotton or voile, which drape well, rather than heavy fabrics or textured embroidery.


Curtains ideas chosen by our decoration director

Lightweight fabric usually gives this style a cozy and comfortable feel, so this style of window dressing works best for low-traffic curtains.


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These lovely, decorative tiles feature the curve of a wineglass in the pattern. They are perfect for more traditional and formal decor and they look nice on fabrics and silk. These tiles can be used with poles or tracks.


Image may contain Shower Curtain Curtain Home Decor and Shower Faucet

Incredibly economical on fabric, this option (also known a grommet heading) feels contemporary and provides a lovely large pleat. It requires a pole and is not suitable for curtain track systems.

The right curtain length

Curtains come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. And when you’re decorating a room, you want them to set just the right tone for your space.

Most houses have an entryway. In most cases, where the window is not especially high, this would be a measurement from the floor to the ceiling, with about five centimeters extra allowance to let the curtains just graze the floor. I almost always recommend curtains at the entrance, although some houses require short curtains. Now you must choose the width of each curtain. Most curtains come in only full widths, so you’ll need to work in halves if we were to give him a single width (factoring in the length of the hems), it would be about 130cm wide.

Pin on Window & CurtainBefore you begin sewing, you need to know if you will want 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, or 3 fabric widths per curtain. You need to decide on this in order to get an idea of how gathered your curtains will be. To make an entirely flat curtain, measure the window as if each curtain was its own unique size, adding 10-20 cm of fabric to each curtain to account for a seam allowance. When gathering the curtains, keep the following rules of thumb in mind – a medium tightness of gather requires twice the amount of fabric, and the tightest gathers need three times the amount of fabric. Note that the lighter the fabric, the more you can gather the fabric to create attractive volume. If you want your sheer fabric to be ruffled, you will need to multiply the width by three, but if you are using a bulky fabric with lining, you will be able to gather more.

Modern Ways To Style Curtains In Your Home

1. Go For All White

Modern white curtains for living When considering the basics of modern decorating, you need to go heavy on black and white. There are several reasons white is a good choice for window treatments. For one, they’re classic and they’ll match anything you choose to decorate your home with. Second, they are white and they’ll bring coziness to your home while staying hidden against your window. Furthermore, you can buy plain white curtains in a range of different materials, so if you prefer more sheer curtains, you’ll be able to find them in white too.

2. Keep It Classy With Black

Living room black out curtain

Have you considered matching your curtains to the rest of your dark color scheme? There are black curtains to fit everyone’s style. One advantage of dark curtains is that the color isn’t immediately visible. It allows you to have deep blue or shadowy greens without being too intrusive in your living room. They’re great for bedrooms because the dark fabric will absorb any outdoor light, thus helping you get a better night’s sleep.

3. Mix Curtain Panels

Mix Curtain Panels modern curtains

For those of you choosing curtains over shades, feel free to mix and match! Sometimes mixing four panels of one type and two panels of another for the middle creates a great color palette in a room. You could even create a juxtaposition of a light-colored room with a colored panel for a pop of color.

4. Embrace an Asymmetrical Design

Embrace an Asymmetrical Design modern curtains

More than anything, asymmetrical curtains look contemporary. If you can find a design and the curtains that match your décor, this will create a fresh and lively feeling to a modern room. It’s up to you whether you want to hang your curtains so they hang off-center or do so using an asymmetrical color scheme.

5. Get Scenery Curtains

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One characteristic of modern décor is including nature as part of the design. Modern rooms usually feature a tree or a plant rather than a painting. Basically, if you’re using scenic curtains as an element in your design, your decision about whether or not to use them in your room may be dictated by the layout of the room, and not vice versa.

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