What’s the Latest Fashion Trend? Get Ahead of the Curve with These Loft Clothing Picks for Women

This update on trends in the fashion world shows you what’s trending now! As fall draws near, the latest trends in clothes are starting to materialize. Loft has the new collections featuring pieces to seamlessly transition your wardrobe. Dress in transitional colors such as blues and blacks, vibrant greens and reds, or whatever’s best for you. Get ahead of the game with Loft before these trends sell out! It’s also important to consider these summer must-haves for women!

Mix it up

Mix It Up Clothing

The fashion industry moves fast. Knowing what’s coming, who’s selling it and when to buy ahead can help you stay ahead of trends. Take note of current trends and make purchases that you can wear throughout the year—even if it doesn’t fit in with your current style. For example, Loft is one retailer that is always getting into trends. It could be something like a pair of skinny jeans or a more niche trend. when you’re in the know, you can mix-and-match in-style pieces to create a one-of-a-kind outfit. Don’t forget Apart from just clothes, Loft offers accessories like jewelry, handbags, and scarves. Get ready to mix and match! After graduating, you’ll be more prepared for anything that comes your way.
Apart from clothes, Loft also carries a variety of other accessories to keep you looking trendy all year round. When you are out shopping for cold weather accessories, keep in mind that Loft carries a selection of attractive wool coats and scarves that are a great match for fall and winter fashions. There is something small like a handbag or something larger like an entire ensemble. Worry not about mixed styles! Mixed styles are what make fashion interesting. To maintain your fashion forward status, purchase some styles as they become popular so you always have something stylish to wear. If you shop at LOFT, there’s no way you’ll regret it.

Not so basic basics

Not So Basic Basics | VivaLuxury | Fashion, Style, ClothesLoft is popular for its contemporary but timeless style. However, what should you wear if you’re just heading to work or out on a date and don’t want to dress too over the top, but still want to look stylish? Basic doesn’t have the same meaning it used to: nowadays, it means familiar, long-lasting clothing pieces that can be mixed in multiple ways, to be ahead of the latest trends in clothing, keep an eye out for clothes that come in high-quality fabrics and allow for variation in their wear. A good example of this phenomenon is Loft’s Not So Basic Basics collection. You’ll find blouses, dresses, and skirts here that are basic in design but can be formalized easily by pairing them with Loft accessories like scarves or necklaces. Try dressing down any of theses clothes with jeans or leggings and sneakers for a more casual look. Plus, with these clothes your wardrobe will always have something to offer. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is; if you’re going to work or just out to a local tavern, you can count on us to have a stylish outfit in store for you. with all that you’ve accomplished, you now have everything.

Jackets, jackets

9 Different Men's Jacket Styles And Denim Jacket Outfit Ideas - Bewakoof  BlogIt doesn’t matter what type you like, Loft has a variety that will have you looking great! Latest in jackets is the cross between the styles of the men’s and women’s jackets, resulting in a style unique to the jacket’s designer. A perfect example is any style of moto jacket. For those unfamiliar, moto jackets are named after those worn by professional motorcyclists because they have many features designed to protect them while riding their bike. However, their practicality isn’t why they are popular with today’s fashionistas; rather it is their ruggedness and edgy appeal that appeal to trendsetters who want to make a statement as well as remain warm on blustery days. They come in a wide range of colors, fabrics and even patterns which allows each wearer to be able to express her own personal style.
The Loft carries a large selection of these types of jackets including both short-and long-length versions. Their selection also includes an array of different colors including tan, black, brown and even some more unusual choices such as purple or red. The most important thing about these types of jackets is that they can be paired with just about anything else you may have in your closet which makes them easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe or use when building new outfits around them.

Wear colours!

Colour Wheel: What Colour Clothes You Should Actually Wear Together |  Glamour UKWhen you’re shopping, you might be tempted to buy items that are black or gray. After all, they match anything, right? That’s not necessarily true. For many people, those dark colors don’t complement their features; instead, they wash out their skin and features. Whereas with trends like black, dark or navy colours, your best assets will be accentuated when you wear them. So what should you do about it? When choosing your clothes, only have up to three pairs of black pants, or none at all! It might give your closet more of a boost, as well as more variation in outfits. At Loft, we know how important fashion is to feeling good. In fact, if you walk into our stores and see our selection of fashionable women’s clothing on display, you may think we’re selling women’s clothing exclusively—but we also sell men’s clothing at some locations. No matter what your preferences are for skirts, dresses, pants, tops, sweaters, and other fashionable attire, we’ve got what you’re looking for here at Loft.

Pile on the layers

Layers are trending, and we’re not just talking about sweaters and jackets. Popular brands like Loft are currently promoting clothes that can be layered over other clothing. This can often be used under jackets

17 Unexpected Layering Ideas From the Fall 2018 Runways | Glamour

or cardigans. It’s a great way to mix up your outfit—try wearing a thin tank top underneath a black chiffon top, which can easily be paired with jeans and boots for fall. Of course, since you

’ll be layering multiple pieces of clothing on top of each other, make sure to choose pieces that are all either black or dark so they won’t clash! You could also try pairing Loft’s solid tops with their printed skirts or pants to create a colorful yet cohesive look. For example, if you have an orange skirt from Loft, try pairing it with an orange long-sleeved shirt (or vice versa). The color will complement each other while still keeping things simple. Just remember: Don’t go overboard; it is easy to layer too many things at once!

Summer shoes

Game: Men, Get Your Look Right With New Summer Shoe Trends - Best Fashion  Foot Forward | The Economic Times

There are lots of great trends in fashion, but one that you can never go wrong with is footwear. Summer shoes come in all kinds of styles and colors, ranging from sandals to heels and even wedges, so there’s a pair for everyone. You may also find something practical, like water-resistant oxfords or running shoes if you would rather not wear sandals or heels. What’s more, many summer shoe styles are lightweight and won’t weigh you down on a hot day. When it comes to what’s trending at Loft, our selection of women’s clothing has everything you need to look stylish and comfortable all season long. Our assortment includes trendy tops, dresses and pants as well as easygoing blouses and shirts that are perfect for everyday wear. In addition to our casual wear, we also carry formal attire such as cocktail dresses, pantsuits and blazers for special occasions. Whether you prefer shorts or pants (or both), we have a wide range of bottoms available in different fabrics such as cotton, linen and twill. If you’re looking for some variety when it comes to your wardrobe staples, shop our selection of skirts including pencil skirts, wrap skirts and pleated skirts in a variety of lengths including mini skirts.

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