Reasons Dad’s Deserve a Morning Off on the Weekend

A dad’s morning off on the weekends can be an excellent chance to bond with his children and even get out of the house. Here are reasons dads should have a morning off from taking care of his baby on the weekend…

1) They need time to sleep in

Every dad deserves a morning off, which is why we recommend that dad’s get at least one day of rest on the weekends. It can be as simple as sleeping in and indulging in some breakfast while you cuddle with your partner or it can be time to take care of yourself-whatever works for you! Here are 10 reasons dad’s deserve this time for themselves:
They need sleep. Dads are no stranger to staying up late to finish projects or putting their kids back to bed when they wake up during the night. While mom is always waking up early and getting things done, dads need some extra ZZZZs sometimes! Sleeping in will give him more energy and make him feel refreshed when he has to wake up early again tomorrow.

2) They need time to relax

It can be hard to find time to relax when you’re taking care of your baby all day. But if dad gets up with the baby in the morning and takes care of her during naptime, he deserves a morning off from taking care of his baby during the weekends. He’ll have more energy to spend time with his family when he does get some down time. Plus, he deserves time for himself too! Not only will he get more sleep, but it will give him the opportunity to do something that doesn’t involve diapers or feeding schedules.
It is important that dads are able to take their time away from caring for their babies just as moms should have time away from them every now and then. Dads deserve mornings off!

3) They need time to do their own thing

Sometimes dads need to have their own time to do their own thing. On weekends, they deserve a morning off from taking care of the baby. They could use that time to sleep in, work out, or just spend some time with themselves doing whatever they want. It will be good for them and it will be good for mom too! At the end of each week, moms are usually exhausted while dads are probably running on fumes. Spending time alone is not only good for dad but also can help relieve stress for both parents. And don’t worry about your little one; we’re sure you’ll find someone else who can take over morning duties for one morning so you can enjoy a morning off as well!

4) They need time to miss their baby

Dads need time to miss their baby too, which is why they should get a morning off from taking care of them on weekends. When they are back at work in the morning, he will see his little one and realize just how much he missed him. This is important because it helps dads bond with their children and for moms to have some downtime so she can get things done around the house. Dads deserve some time to themselves without having to worry about what needs to be done for their child or children.
Dads need time to miss their baby too, which is why they should get a morning off from taking care of them on weekends.

5) They need time to reconnect with their partner

I used to think that getting up early and taking care of my son was an enjoyable way to spend time with him. I thought it was my responsibility as his dad to be there for him. But when we started having kids, it became hard for me to get up early and take care of them in the morning. My wife would have to get up with them and start her day while I slept in. This wasn’t fair because she had been doing most of the work before this, and now I was not helping out much at all. So, I decided to change things up by giving myself mornings off from our youngest son so that my wife can sleep in too.

6) They need time to pursue their hobbies

It can be hard for dads to have time to pursue their hobbies when they are busy taking care of their baby. This is why we need to make sure that dads get morning off from taking care of the baby on weekends. Dads should have this time so that they can spend some quality time with themselves or with family. It is important for dads to feel valued and like they are contributing just as much as mom, even if it is not in the same way. Allowing dad morning off will help him feel needed and desired in his role as dad while also giving him room to pursue his hobbies.

7) They need time to exercise

Dads need time off too! One way to give dad some well deserved time off is to encourage him to exercise during that morning. Often dads don’t want to exercise in the morning because they are still getting over their sleepiness from the night before and it’s not yet time for lunch. When dad has his own morning, he can do things like go for a walk, take an exercise class, or meet up with friends at the gym. Dads should have a morning off from taking care of his baby so he can take care of himself too! It’s time we start talking about the benefits fathers receive when they have a morning off from their children. It takes mental, physical, emotional strength to be both mommy and daddy each day. We’re asking for women in society to ask for what she needs by having her morning off, we think it’s high time men did the same.

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