Paws for Thought: Celebrities Who Have Given or Received Pets as Gifts

Celebrities are known for their extravagant lifestyle, and when it comes to gifting, they don’t skimp. From luxury vacations to designer clothes, celebrities have certainly given some amazing gifts. But what about their love for animals? Many celebrities have taken their gift-giving to a whole new level by giving or receiving pets as presents. Whether it’s a dog, cat, or even a turtle, these famous people have made sure to give or receive a special gift for the animal lover in their lives. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at celebrities who have given or received pets as gifts.

1) Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are one of the many celebrities who have given or received pets as gifts. Back in 2019, Jennifer Lopez surprised her then-fiancé Alex Rodriguez with a pair of puppies, Bear and Buddy, for his birthday. The two French Bulldogs quickly became part of the family, joining their children’s menagerie of animals, including two pugs and two rescue dogs.
The couple have since adopted another puppy named Coco and have even given their furry friends their own Instagram accounts. Recently, they’ve taken to posting pictures of them all together, including their very own Christmas family photo. It’s clear that these beloved pets are an important part of the Lopez-Rodriguez family and that the two stars take joy in giving each other such special gifts.

2) Beyoncé

Beyoncé has been known to give and receive pets as gifts throughout her career. In 2016, she reportedly gave her husband Jay Z a rare and exotic cat, while also receiving two dogs from him.
The cats Beyoncé gave to Jay Z were Bengal cats, which are known for their distinct spotted markings. The two dogs she received from him were an Akita and a German shepherd puppy. It seems like these two are quite the animal lovers!
Aside from these amazing pet gifts, Beyoncé is also the proud owner of three horses, one of which she named after her mother. Her horses include a Tennessee walking horse named Major, a gray Arabian horse named Henry, and a black mare named Tifanny. All of these animals have been a part of her family for many years now.
It’s clear that Beyoncé loves animals and enjoys giving and receiving them as gifts – something we can all appreciate!

3) Ellen DeGeneres

One of the most well-known celebrities to give and receive pets as gifts is Ellen DeGeneres. The talk show host has given and received numerous animals from her friends and family throughout her career, with some of them even appearing on the show.
In 2017, Ellen surprised her wife Portia de Rossi with a rescued bulldog named Kid. The pup was found wandering alone in Louisiana and taken to a shelter. After learning of Kid’s story, Ellen couldn’t resist bringing him home and presenting him as a surprise gift.
Ellen has also received pet gifts in the past, including two Coton de Tulear puppies named Kid and Wolf, which were gifted to her by producer Shonda Rhimes in 2018. She has since added a third pup to the family, adopting a rescue pit bull puppy named Augustus in 2019.
Ellen’s love for animals doesn’t stop at her own home; she’s often used her platform to bring awareness to animal rescue organizations, using her influence to encourage others to adopt rather than shop for their pets.

4) Oprah Winfrey

When it comes to celebrity pet gifting, one of the most notable cases is that of Oprah Winfrey. Back in 2006, Oprah surprised her audience with a unique holiday gift – a puppy for everyone! The puppies came from the Pets for Patriots program and were adopted by members of the audience. This generous gesture showed Oprah’s dedication to animal rescue and adoption, which has continued throughout her career.
In addition to the 2006 puppy gifting, Oprah has given away many other animals over the years, including horses, goats, chickens, and even elephants. She also adopted a golden retriever named Layla in 2015 and was a vocal advocate for animal rescue during her talk show years.
Not only has Oprah been generous with her giving, but she has also received some incredible pets as gifts. In 2010, musician John Legend gifted Oprah a pair of Japanese Chins that he named Blue and Ella. Legend said he chose the breed because he knew Oprah was a fan of small dogs.
Overall, Oprah has been an incredibly generous giver and receiver of pets over the years. Her commitment to animals and their well-being is truly inspiring.

5) Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is no stranger to giving away special gifts to her fans – and she’s not afraid to do the same when it comes to animals either! In 2011, the singer-songwriter gave away a puppy as a present to one of her fans at a concert. The lucky fan was in tears as she accepted the cute pup, which Taylor had named Meredith after her own pet cat. Taylor has been a strong advocate for animal rights, often speaking out on the issue, and it’s clear that her love for animals goes far beyond just having them as pets.
The superstar’s love for animals runs so deep that she even adopted an endangered penguin from the Sea Life Aquarium in Berlin. The singer has since donated funds to help care for the penguin, showing her commitment to helping animals in need.
It’s clear that Taylor Swift is an animal lover, and she has proved time and time again that she’s happy to share her love of animals with others!

6) Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is no stranger to the world of celebrity pets. The Canadian-born singer has owned several dogs over the years, from a small Chihuahua named Sammy to his larger, fluffier companion, Todd. He has even been known to give away some of his pets as gifts.
In 2018, Justin Bieber surprised his then-girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin, with a pet hamster he named Oscar. Bieber posted a video on Instagram that showed him presenting the tiny creature to Baldwin in a custom-made terrarium with a sign reading Will you be my bae?. Bieber also shared a post about Oscar to his Instagram stories and shared photos of him and Baldwin spending time with their new pet.
It is clear that Bieber loves animals and is generous enough to share his love with others. His dedication to his own pets and willingness to give them away as gifts is truly admirable.

7) Harry Styles

When it comes to giving and receiving pet gifts, Harry Styles is no exception. The One Direction singer and actor has received many furry friends throughout the years, most notably his beloved dog, Olive.
Olive is a black and white Papillon that was given to Harry by a fan during a One Direction concert in 2014. In an interview with ITV’s This Morning, Harry admitted he felt very lucky to have been gifted such an amazing pup. Since then, Olive has made numerous appearances alongside Harry at award shows, music videos, and even on his Instagram.
It’s clear that Harry and Olive are two peas in a pod. In addition to receiving Olive as a gift, Harry has also been generous in gifting pets to his closest friends. He has reportedly given multiple puppies to close friends as well as several rescue cats to family members.
Harry is certainly one celebrity who understands the value of a pet companion and is more than happy to spread the love.

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