John Cena’s Films: Ranking the Unforgettable From the Regrettable

John Cena has been in the film industry since 2002, but with more than 100 acting roles to his name, he hasn’t always done the best job of choosing quality scripts. In fact, some of his choices have been downright regrettable, while others have been indelible classics that you’ll remember forever. That’s why we’ve created this in-depth ranking of John Cena’s films from unforgettable to regrettable.

The Marine

Ranking John Cena’s films is no easy feat, but when it comes to the 2006 action movie The Marine, it’s hard to deny its impressive credentials. Starring John Cena as John Triton, a marine discharged from service who embarks on a mission to save his wife from a gang of diamond thieves, The Marine features plenty of thrilling action sequences and spectacular stunts. It’s an adrenaline-filled ride that showcases John Cena’s impressive screen presence and physical ability, making it one of the most memorable films in his filmography.

Whether you’re a fan of John Cena or not, The Marine is an entertaining and action-packed movie that definitely warrants a spot near the top of his rankings. John Cena is fantastic as John Triton, giving him charisma and authority, while never coming across as arrogant or superior. It may have been 16 years ago since he played this role but there’s little doubt that John Cena will be remembered for The Marine long after his wrestling career has come to an end.

12 Rounds

John Cena has had a long and successful acting career, with roles in some of the most popular and beloved films. One of his most memorable roles was in the action-packed 2009 film 12 Rounds. John Cena stars as Detective Danny Fisher, who must save his girlfriend from a dangerous criminal. The film follows Danny as he embarks on an adrenaline-pumping twelve rounds to save her. Each round requires a unique set of skills and ingenuity to complete.

It is up to Danny to find a way to beat each round, while trying to keep his girlfriend safe from harm. With exciting action sequences and a thrilling story, 12 Rounds is definitely one of John Cena’s most unforgettable films. After John Cena became involved with WWE around 2002, it seemed like all he did was act in forgettable films. There were plenty of examples during this time period, but not many that stood out or are worth remembering (e.g., Knight and Day, Submarine).

The Reunion

John Cena is an iconic actor, wrestler, and philanthropist. He has starred in many memorable films, both critically acclaimed and widely beloved. But not all of his projects have been as successful. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at John Cena’s filmography and ranking his movies from unforgettable to regrettable.

Let’s start with one of his most unforgettable roles: The Reunion. This hilarious yet poignant film stars John Cena as a man who gathers his four estranged siblings for a reunion to commemorate their parents’ marriage anniversary. While there, they must overcome their differences and come to terms with their past. Cena shines as the big brother who works to bring the family together, ultimately succeeding in the end. The Reunion is a heartwarming movie that fans are sure to love for years to come.


John Cena has had a lot of memorable roles over the years, but his performance in Trainwreck was arguably one of his best. In this comedy film, Cena plays an unscrupulous sports doctor who helps lead protagonist Amy Schumer to a new and better lifestyle. While John Cena is primarily known as a wrestler and actor, he still manages to bring a unique energy to this role that has cemented Trainwreck as an unforgettable film.

The pacing of the film makes it hard to look away from this movie because it’s so fast-paced and leaves you wanting more. It doesn’t matter if you’re familiar with John Cena or not; this film will leave you on your toes for sure! John Cena’s comedic timing in Trainwreck might just be one of the most perfect blends of laughs and great acting I’ve ever seen in any film.


John Cena has starred in a variety of films throughout his career, ranging from the unforgettable to the regrettable. One of the most memorable films starring John Cena is Sisters, a 2015 comedy directed by Jason Moore. The movie follows two very different sisters, played by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, as they reunite for one wild weekend filled with old arguments, new secrets, and plenty of laughs. John Cena portrays their overly-competitive brother-in-law, who adds another layer of hilarity to the already outrageous scenarios these two sisters get themselves into.

His character provides an unexpected twist to the mix of characters in this movie and provides some of the biggest laughs. His signature catchphrase, You can’t see me, also gets a few notable appearances. Whether you’re looking for a heartfelt drama or just a good laugh, Sisters offers something for everyone. With its strong cast and entertaining storyline, it is sure to be a hit. John Cena’s performance in the film is a definite highlight and makes Sisters worth watching.


John Cena’s presence in Bumblebee was a welcome surprise for fans of the Transformers franchise. Not only did it bring an undeniable sense of excitement to the film, but it also made the movie much more interesting. As an iconic character from the franchise, John Cena’s portrayal of Agent Burns in Bumblebee was a memorable addition to the cast.

He was funny, serious, and provided a lot of comic relief throughout the film. His scenes were some of the most enjoyable in the movie, and his chemistry with Hailee Steinfeld’s Charlie Watson was undeniable. All in all, John Cena added a great dynamic to the film that made it one of the best in the Transformers series.

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