Extremely Dumb, But Funny, Facts That Will Make You Appreciate Your Dog Even More

There’s no denying that dogs are amazing animals, but sometimes they can be so oblivious to the way they interact with us that you can’t help but laugh. It’s hard to believe that these extremely dumb facts about dogs are actually true, but it just goes to show how much we take their love and devotion for granted. Enjoy!

Dogs have a better sense of smell than humans

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell. They can also hear better than us and they’re able to see in much less light than we are. In fact, their sense of smell is over 100 times more powerful than ours! That means they don’t need to be right next to you to know what you had for lunch, which is really helpful if you want them not to eat it. Plus, those noses get a little wet when they snort sometimes so make sure your dog’s head doesn’t come out of the water while he’s drinking. And while you’re at it, just make sure his entire body stays out of the water because as anyone who has a pup knows they will swim to the bottom like madmen looking for treasure that isn’t there. If you want your dog to do any work at all then he should be trained before he starts anything with reward-based training. Otherwise your dog will do anything if you give him cheese or bacon or beer…if that’s even safe or legal in your country.

Dogs can help you lose weight

Some people think that dogs are a distraction for their weight-loss journey. However, dogs can be a great way to lose weight! Dogs will motivate you to walk and exercise more because they need some playtime outside. Plus, it’s proven that petting your dog releases oxytocin which reduces stress and anxiety. Some people might think this is dumb since they don’t have a dog but if they did I bet they would appreciate their pup even more! If you love your furry friend as much as we do, then why not check out these other fun facts about them.

Dogs can help you make new friends

When dogs are with their owners they will often try to make friends with other people and animals. A study found that when one person was speaking to a dog the other person was more likely to talk to them, which can lead to new friendships. People are also calming when they are around dogs. Just being around a friendly dog made participants in the study less stressed than those who were not near any dogs at all. Dogs can also help you appreciate life more by bringing you joy every day!

Dogs can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers

A study by the University of Sydney found that dog owners are at a lower risk of developing two common types of cancer: bone cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The conclusion was that dog ownership is good for you because it reduces stress levels and improves your mood. Plus, dogs can sniff out cancerous cells in your body before they have time to grow. So get a dog! They’re really good for you! German Shepherds can’t see anything behind them due to their anatomy. In 1887, 27% of American households owned one or more dogs while today only 4% do. Dogs release a chemical called cortisol which is calming and creates feelings of attachment with people as well as reducing anxiety in times of high tension or anxiety.

Dogs provide us with endless amounts of love and companionship

We love our dogs and are constantly praising them for their unconditional love and companionship. For many, a dog is more than just a pet; it’s a member of the family. We laugh when they do funny things that we may not understand, we comfort them when they’re feeling sad, and we celebrate with them when they finally catch that frisbee (or whatever else). In order to show how much you appreciate your dog for all the laughs and memories he has provided over the years here are 10 extremely dumb but also very funny facts about dogs.

Dogs can help you recover from illness or injury faster

Dogs are not only man’s best friend. Dogs can actually help you get better faster. According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found that dog therapy helped patients recover from illnesses and injuries faster than those who just had human companionship. In some cases, the people who received dog therapy recovered twice as fast as those without a furry companion! Dogs have been shown to be able to reduce stress levels and blood pressure, increase happiness and lessen pain.

Dogs can help you stay active

Dogs help people get exercise and stay active. There are many ways to do this! Some people might take their dog for a walk or run with them. Other people might take their dog for a bike ride or roller skating. Other people might take their dog for a hike or throw the ball around. Whatever you and your dog enjoy doing, it will be fun and keep you healthy! It is important to find what works best for both of you. Sometimes they might not want to go out if it is too hot or cold outside. Sometimes they may not want to go if there are other dogs that look like their friends that come up to say hello and play.

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