Camp Chef: The Best Cooking Systems for Grills and Smokers

There are many ways you can cook meat outdoors, and not all of them involve using an oven or your stovetop. To really get the most out of your grills and smokers, you’ll want to use a cooking system that combines both grilling and smoking into one convenient device. Camp Chef offers an entire selection of these cooking systems, so you can grill the best steaks or smoke some ribs on the same appliance without having to stop and switch between different devices. Here’s more information on their lineup of grills and smokers so you can decide which one will work best for your next outdoor meal!

Why Choose Camp Chef?

Socializing in close proximity to an open fire–either on the side of a mountain, at the seaside, or just in our backyard. A fun gathering will begin with an invitation, and nothing is more inviting than good-tasting food. As for food, the best is what we call live-fire cooking, where the food is cooked over a flame or an open fire, with lots of smoky flavors. At Camp Chef, a group of innovative engineers allows them to develop quality products while also setting trends. Our local, in-house customer support staff is knowledgeable and can help with a friendly voice. One of our benefits is not only access to an online program but an immediate introduction to the Camp Chef community.

The Best Grills and Smokers

APEX 24 WITH GAS KIT – it combines a wood pellet grill and a propane grill (optional add-on) to provide a unique patio experience. The Apex Grill is designed specifically for grillers. A simple twist of a knob will give grillers the ability to switch fuels on one unit, in one chamber.

FLAT TOP 900 – The Flat Top Grill 900 is a truly impressive work of kitchen engineering capable of creating large amounts of mouthwatering fare in record time. Think of it as a huge blank canvas where anything can happen. All the pieces of art are up to you! Cook, grill, or boil up a good meal using our unparalleled grilling space. The large cooking area at 877 sq. inches means this griddle is great for hosting gatherings of all sorts like family get-togethers, parties at work, potluck events at church, tailgating before a sports event, or cooking for your family at home.

XXL VERTICAL SMOKER – Wood pellet vertical smoker XXL integrates everything you love about pellet grills and smoke vaults into one. By adding the WIFI controller, you can monitor your cook remotely and customize your smoke settings. Those slow-cookers no longer need babysitting

The Best Outdoor Grills

The Camp Chef PORTABLE – With 501 square inches of cooking space and a convenient 10-pound hopper, the Pursuit® Pellet Grill is portable and easy to use.

FLAT TOP 600 – enjoy your day cracking eggs, whisking up pancake batter, and throwing the meat on the grill, wherever your lifestyle takes you!

HIGHLINE EVENT GRILL – The Highline Grill has six burners beneath ready-to-cook steel grates and foldable side shelves that protect from additional fires. Cook up to 36 burgers or 90 hot dogs all at once.

The Best Outdoor Cooking Accessories

If you love to cook outdoors, then there are few things more essential than the right cooking accessories. Whether you’re looking for a grill, smoker, or cast iron skillet, Camp Chef has everything you need to get started.
Whether it’s time to fire up the grill or head outside with your smoker, take a look at our list of must-have outdoor cooking accessories.

CAST IRON FRY POT – whether you’re cooking indoors or outdoors, this pot set will enhance your outdoor and home kitchens. Fry wings or boil seafood anytime. Featuring a 7.5-quart cast iron pot, lid, and handle basket, this pot set is ideal for frying, stewing, steaming vegetables, and dehydrating

ALUMINUM COOKER POT – Camp Chef Aluminum pots are the perfect accessory for your Camp Chef cooking system. Available in sizes that can handle any challenge, you”ll be sure to find a Camp Chef Aluminum Pot that will fit your needs.

ALUMINUM HOT WATER POT – Take in a hot beverage in the morning sunlight as you sit in a tent or drink up some cider at Thanksgiving with the 32 Quart Hot Pot. With a capacity of 120 servings, this pot is perfect for anything and everyone. The spigot style valve is easy and quick to operate which also makes it great for tasks like dish washing, food preparation and personal hygiene outdoors.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Camp Chef Grill or Smoker

Cast iron skillets are a great addition to your Camp Chef grill or smoker because they can be used on the grill or in the oven. Cast iron skillets are perfect for cooking just about anything, but they’re particularly good at searing meat and frying eggs. Place your skillet over the heat source (gas stove top or electric burner) and let it get nice and hot. You’ll know it’s ready when you start seeing wisps of smoke coming off of it. Cook until one side is well-browned, then flip over and cook the other side until browned as well. Now that you’ve got this down pat, you’re ready to try out some new recipes!

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